Yankee Springs Loop

Total Miles


308.38 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Yankee Springs Loop is a route that connects the various main trails and roads throughout the Yankee Springs State Recreation Area and the Barry State Game Area. You can also run a bunch of "off-shoot" trails from this route as well. This route is just a nice loop that connects the main trails into one continuously flowing ride. There are other activities that can be done off this route, including hiking and mountain biking. This route starts at a great spot at the gas station where you can stage up to roughly 20 vehicles. You can either start at the waypoint designated Trailhead or you can run this route in reverse and start it from the waypoint designated Finish. The trail is made up of sand, dirt, mud, gravel, and rock. The majority of the trail surface is sand, but depending on the recent weather conditions, you may encounter more mud than sand. This route is solely dependent on the recent weather as to how the conditions will be. If it's been dry in recent weeks, a 2WD car can make it through this trail with ease. The local DNR has been very good in 2023 about keeping the trails as smooth as possible and has removed a lot of the rutted areas that would have troubled any 2WD car. There are still some areas that are rutted, so please use caution. If the weather has been non-stop rain, these trails will become a mud pit. Mud holes can range from small puddles to large suction ruts that can get a Jeep on 35s stuck. Most of the time during normal conditions, the mud holes can be avoided to one side or the other, but not all of them. This is a very scenic route in the fall with the fall foliage. Be cautious in the fall during hunting season. Know the laws of when you can and cannot be on the trails in State Game Areas based on that time of year. Winter presents new challenges usually on the steep grades with ice and snow. Again, use caution based on weather conditions. These trails are really an easy stroll in a stock Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator. Weather-causing mud holes, washouts, and deep water are really the only potential concerns. Even then, a high-clearance vehicle with 4x4 should have no issue with navigating this route. There is a large rock obstacle along the trail that is optional to go over. Lastly, a great end to this route is a stop at the beautiful Dagget Lake. Stop and take a break, stretch your legs, and enjoy the water in the middle of the forest. Finish off the rest of the trail as it crosses over the North Country National Scenic Trail and ends back on the pavement. The technical rating and difficulty has been given a 4 due to the one rock obstacle, the potential deep water crossings, mud holes, sandy washes, steep grades, and the trail is only wide enough for one vehicle with places to pass.

Photos of Yankee Springs Loop

Yankee Springs Loop
Yankee Springs Loop
Yankee Springs Loop


The technical rating and difficulty is a 4 due to the one rock obstacle, the potential deep water crossings, mud holes, sandy washes, steep grades, and the trail being only wide enough for one vehicle with places to pass. It's solely weather dependent. If in recent weeks it's been dry, this route would be rated a 2, but due to what conditions could pose for this trail, it's designated as a 4 rating.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Micah Doornbos
May 02, 2024
Trails were clear of debris and dry with only a few small mud puddles. DNR appeared to be doing controlled burns in the area.
Douglas Aukeman
Apr 20, 2024
Nice scenic route took approximately 4hrs to dive with jeep.
Bryan Jones
Apr 14, 2024
2021 Ford F-Series
Did the full loop clockwise with the stop at Dagget Lake. The trail was relatively dry considering the recent rain. 4wd only needed in a few places. Several people were on the trail; some parked for hiking/exploring. Passed 2 vehicles in the incoming direction with enough room to pass. My first time on the trail, will definitely do it again
Tim Hower
Apr 13, 2024
2007 Jeep Wrangler
What a beautiful day to take the front of the top off and enjoy the woods. Some wet spots but easily made it thru even the bigger puddles could easily be bypassed. 2 wheel drive with a little higher ground clearance could easily do this trail. There were a few trees over the trail likely from yesterdays winds but my little chainsaw made quick work of them and we cleared them. Nothing challenging out here but a nice ride thru the woods.

Access Description

There are multiple ins and outs of these trails, but this particular route is best started at the gas station off Chief Noonday Road. It's a great meet-up spot for groups riding together.

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