Sacred Chimney Trail

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377.89 ft


0.5 Hours

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Spring, Fall

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This trail is a point-to-point section of DNR Trail 6, which is part of extensive off-road vehicle trails that branch out from the ORV-friendly community of St. Helen, Michigan. This short but popular section of trail begins at a large parking lot, maintained by the Roscommon State Forest Area, near the intersection of Meridian Road and Central Drive. The parking lot is adjacent to the popular St. Helen Motorsports Area, with direct access to food, gas, and lodging. The parking lot is located at a point of intersection for several trails and dirt roads, so it can be a bit confusing when heading out onto this section of the trail. When heading out on Trail 6 from the parking lot, cross over the railroad tracks and travel north on Trail 6 (Meridian Road/St. Helen Trail/Trail 14275) for a short distance before turning onto Sage Road. The trail is well marked with a number 6 on small orange metal signs as well as clearly marked yellow directional signs. When multiple trails intersect, there may also be clearly marked orange signage pointing the way to neighboring towns. The trail is mostly wide and flat with sections of soft sand, hard-packed gravel, and dirt that winds through beautiful trees and logging areas. Due to its popularity, expect large sections of the trail to be rough washboard. The trail is a groomed snowmobile trail in the winter. An old, crumbling chimney is the main point of interest on this trail, as it is the only remaining piece of a small cabin in the woods. The chimney is considered sacred by many and is the resting place for several urns. An old (non-usable) outhouse remains on the property but is easily missed by those who don't have a keen eye. Stay alert for signs of local Sasquatch towards the end of the trail.

Photos of Sacred Chimney Trail

Sacred Chimney Trail
Sacred Chimney Trail
Sacred Chimney Trail


The trail is wide, with sections of soft sand, gravel, and dirt, and often in washboard condition due to its popularity. You may encounter shallow water holes on the trail after it rains, but it is not challenging.

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David Brasher
Apr 13, 2024

Access Description

St. Helen is approximately 3 miles from Interstate 75 (Exit 222). Take St. Helen Road through town, continuing past the one main intersection with a traffic light. Just outside of town, after the Angry Oven Restaurant, follow North St. Helen Road over the railroad tracks and turn right on Central Drive (just before the American Legion). Central Drive starts out as a paved road and then turns into a gravel road. The entrance to the parking lot is near the intersection of Central Drive and Meridian Road. It is tucked away behind some trees on the other side of the railroad tracks, but is easily accessible.

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