MCCCT Newberry to Rexton

Total Miles


278.98 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Michigan's Cross Country Cycle Trail (MCCCT Spoken as - "M Triple C T") is a dirt bike-specific trail that runs approximately 1,200 miles of cross-country trails throughout the state of Michigan. This portion of the MCCCT is a connector piece between the Upper Peninsula towns of Newberry & Rexton. This stretch of trail is made up of some of the tightest single tracks that can be found within the state of Michigan. The trail is often hard to distinguish from the surrounding terrain. When the ferns are in full growth (late spring through early summer), it is likely that there will be portions of the trail that will be lost under the foliage. Expect stumps & unseen obstacles throughout the trail. Lots of small rocks and overgrown pricker bushes add to the general challenge of this section. You can expect black dirt for optimal traction.


Expect several log, rock, and sand washouts throughout this section of trail.

Technical Rating