Copper Falls Mill Trail

Total Miles


294.08 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This two-track trail starts off easy but turns rocky and mildly steep as it goes on. If you can find it, there is an old Copper mine entrance where Owl Creek flows out of the Copper Falls Mine. The trail is narrow and may cause some unwanted scratches on wider vehicles.


Trail is mostly sand and rock with a solid bottom, water holes can be deep at times but easily passable. The rocky climb near the return to Eagle Harbor Rd can be hard for inexperienced drivers.


This is a historic Railroad grade for the Copper Falls Stamp Mill that once stood at the end of the road.

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trail starts at the west end of Pine Street in Eagle Harbor. Drive slow and courteous through town and past the residences on the road. There will be a Cross Country ski trailhead and small park at the beginning of the trail.