Cemetery Trail (Pere Cheney Ghost Town)

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392.40 ft


0.5 Hours

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Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

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This trail is flat and sandy and weaves through both field and forest. This path starts in the same area as a marked snowmobile trail but they split almost immediately. The interesting history of this trail is that it incorporates the Pere Cheney Cemetery. Pere Cheney, established in 1874 and gone by 1917, is one of Michigan's infamous ghost towns and the cemetery is all that remains. Legend has it that the town was cursed by a witch, then shortly after suffered from diphtheria, and two nearly consecutive town fires. The trail portion that leads to the actual cemetery can be found running along the south side of the train tracks. It does have some areas that could be muddy if the weather is at all wet.

Photos of Cemetery Trail (Pere Cheney Ghost Town)

Cemetery Trail (Pere Cheney Ghost Town)
Cemetery Trail (Pere Cheney Ghost Town)
Cemetery Trail (Pere Cheney Ghost Town)


This trail is not difficult but does have a few areas that could be very muddy if the weather conditions are wet.


Pere Cheney was established in 1874 and was dissolved by 1917. At its peak, the town had 1500 residents. But legend has it that after a case of diphtheria and two town fires, the town was no more. The Pere Cheney Cemetery is all that's left.

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