Austin Road to Forest Road 9844

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The entrance to Austin Road is hidden within the Stonegate Golf Course. The two track is directly across from Hadrian's Way within the subdivision. The road can be very muddy at different times of the year and has caused some vehicles to require recovery. During dry weather, the trail can be accessed by most SUVs and trucks. Part-way up Austin Road, head east on Forest Road 5591. The trail will now offer some short hill climbs and get narrow in sections. The maps are off and 5591 is actually a little west of the map when it turns north. Forest Road 9844 is the right fork and travels up to a bluff that overlooks Cedar Creek. The trail offers great views to vehicles with moderate clearance.

Photos of Austin Road to Forest Road 9844

Austin Road to Forest Road 9844
Austin Road to Forest Road 9844
Austin Road to Forest Road 9844


Be wary of the mud holes in the spring. The depth can be more than expected and the base is very slick, especially on Austin Road.


Before the construction of the golf course, the area was criss-crossed with multiple trails. The current trails dead-end at private property.

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Status Reports

Dylan Lavine
Mar 29, 2024
Honda Element AWD with A/T tires. A couple small muddy sections with ruts, a couple downed trees I was able to squeeze under with the roof top carrier. Its a little more technical coming back since you’re going up hill but it’s a fun drive close to civilization. I counted 3 turn offs it looks like people camp at.
Haleigh Brooks
Feb 17, 2024

Access Description

Start at the Stonegate Country Club and head towards Hadrian's Way. The Austin Road two track is directly across from it.

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