Atlanta Trail's - Center Loop

Total Miles


315.23 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Atlanta Trail's - Center Loop is a 50-inch ORV trail that lends itself more towards a Motorcycle single track. The trail is generally an easy, well-burmed, flowing trail that has few obstacles and limited whoops. The catch comes for the wider machine riders that attempt this trail. The edges of the trail are littered with small stumps, roots, and rocks that are easily avoided on dirt bikes. These will have to be carefully navigated on quads and other 50-Inch Machines. This trail runs through various forest types but is generally in low-land areas that tend to accumulate some water after rains.


This trail generally deserves a level 3 in difficulty, but when it rains in this location the water accumulates quickly in low spots. Generally, you can get around them without getting too wet, but there are a few spots that can get to be 18" deep with no go around after a good rain. Luckily Atlanta's sandy soil generally absorbs the water quickly and can drain the water within a few days of falling.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Clear Lake State Park is a great location to start your ride from. This state park offers camping, bathrooms, and day parking. This is one of Michigan's few state parks that allow ORVs to operate within the campground. From this location you can ride to Atlanta's North, Center, and Southern Loop. And for those who have plated motorcycles the Michigan Cross-Country Cycle Trail travels through this section of trails connecting you to 750 miles of other single track.