Sturgill Peak - Fire Lookout Tower

Total Miles


2307.75 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is the second half of FR 09 (Mann Creek). The next six miles beyond the Spring Creek Campground are less maintained and progressively become less and less smooth. Erosion ruts and small rocks make for a bumpy ride. Most of this trail would actually rate 2 - 3, but it's the very last section to get to the lookout tower that ranks it intermediate. There are several primitive campgrounds towards the beginning that are accessible to vehicles. Once you begin climbing higher up the mountain, the views grow more and more scenic. At the saddle where the tree line breaks, the trail becomes much more advanced - hence the higher rating. Larger rocks and a long steep climb await you in order to reach the lookout tower. Once you're past the tree line, and especially up at the tower, the panoramic views in every direction are remarkable. The lookout is occupied during the summer fire season.


PLEASE READ: Most of this trail ranks 2-3 and is definitely accessible to suvs and vehicles. It's once the tree line ends towards the top that the trail becomes more advanced. Most especially the very last section to get to the lookout tower where a rocky and steep hill climb awaits.


The Sturgill Peak Fire Lookout tower was built in 1933 for $818.92. Since then the lookout has been occupied during the summer fire season.

Technical Rating