Flat Creek

Total Miles


1477.03 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Flat Creek Trail takes you from the Ruby Creek Trailhead to Mica Mountain. This trail has a variety of surfaces, trail widths, and overall conditions throughout and presents an enjoyable trip for riders of various skill levels. There are a few steep climbs, washed-out ruts, water bars, and kelly humps, as well as some nice banked corners. This is one of the longer trails in the system and provides an access route to numerous other trails in the system Portions of the trail are flatter dirt, more rutted two-track, and there is a section that is a gated logging road that makes for a nice section to cruise along and enjoy the view. There are several great points to stop and take in the long views and scenery. Some sections can be more challenging for single-track riders than those on ATVs.


Much of the trail is well maintained dirt, but there are sections that have become fairly rutted and rough.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The Ruby Creek Trailhead is located off of Highway 6 just east of Harvard, Idaho. The road is well signed from the highway and it is easy to find once you have turned onto the road.