Dam Creek

Total Miles


1,613.82 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Dam Creek is a fun and challenging single track in the St. Joe National Forest south of Wallace, Idaho. It starts at the intersection with Upper Slate Creek at a wide river crossing that is rocky and deep. There are 4 similar creek crossings all in the beginning, all with rocks and a foot deep, and another creek crossing about halfway through. There are a couple of technical rock obstacles on this trail, and a difficult climb up a loose-rooted hill as you exit one of the creek crossings. One obstacle is like a boulder at the top of a steep hill with a few rocks piled up to ramp up it. Another is like a bunch of boulders in a hill climb as the trail exits the creek crossing. This trail has less exposure than the Upper Slate Creek and Dam Ridge trails, but still has a couple sections of side-hilling with more mild exposure. It mellows out in the middle of the ride in a flat wide open meadow on a really skinny trail. There are tons of overgrown bushes throughout the trail too. The south end of the trail has a series of switchbacks to climb up to the Slate Peak ATV trail. The switchbacks are pretty mellow, smooth, and wide. The hardest part of this trail is those rock obstacles, and it would be easier to go down them (south to north). This trail has really great views throughout and is a super fun challenge.


Intermediate trail with rock and root obstacles, and deep and rocky creek crossings. This trail would be easier going down the obstacles by going south to north.

Technical Rating


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