Crutchers Crossing South

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1574.23 ft


0.5 Hours

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Crutcher's Crossing South starts at the river ford and climbs up the switchbacks on the South side of the canyon and then terminates at the Crutcher's Crossing Cherrystem at a BLM map kiosk. The climb itself is rated a three (3) while the rest of this road is a two (2). The river ford itself is shallow and simple in the fall when water levels are down. In the Spring, the river rafting crowd launches boats here so the water level is likely too high with too much current to cross. There is very little traffic out here. Bring extra fuel, water, and spare tires. There is a high silica content in the dirt in this region. When dry, it's a fine talc dust that gets everywhere and in everything. When wet, it becomes a slippery mess and dries hard on your vehicle like concrete. Be prepared to hike out if traveling in this area during the wet season.


easy rocky climb

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