Beauty-Cedar (1575)

Total Miles


1,006.42 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This road starts out fairly easy but is progressively more challenging as you get deeper into the woods. If you can make it at least halfway, you'll be rewarded with a few breathtaking views of Lake Coeur d'Alene and other nearby mountains. Pay attention to the drive as these views are fleeting! Road conditions vary throughout the year due to logging equipment and weather. There's some deep mud and potholes in the spring. Although parts of it are plowed when logging is active, it is not regularly maintained. It starts out at a 2/10 for the first few miles, then the road narrows to a single-car width with limited options to pull over or turn around. It becomes a 3/10 around the halfway point; in snow/mud conditions it may be a 4/10 or harder. There's a large turn-around area about 7.5 miles in before the road gets to its most narrow points.

Photos of Beauty-Cedar (1575)

Beauty-Cedar (1575)
Beauty-Cedar (1575)
Beauty-Cedar (1575)


Beauty-Cedar is a fairly easy road at first and can be completed in most any car with 2WD. However, it quickly requires 4WD and higher clearance as you get deeper into the woods. I ran this road in early April when there was a mix of snow and mud, and there were some potholes a foot deep on the second half of the trail. The second half of the trail is also a tight, single-car-width road with limited options to pull over or turn around. The last few miles tend to have some very narrow spots. Overall it was a fun challenge with some decent views, but it's definitely progressively harder terrain as you get deeper into the woods. This may vary year by year, due to logging equipment fixing up or damaging the roads. It was plowed this winter due to logging but I'm not sure if it's plowed every year.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Andy Zielinski
Sep 27, 2023
1995 Toyota Land Cruiser

Access Description

Take exit 22 on I-90 and head south on highway 97 along Lake Coeur d'Alene. About 2.5 miles in you'll turn left onto Beauty Creek Rd. A little less than half a mile down Beauty Creek Rd you'll take a slight left onto a dirt road, NF-1575.

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