Richloam Wildlife Management Area SE Quarter Infinity Loop

Total Miles


29.96 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

This route is an infinity loop created out of the most fun and consistently passable central Richloam WMA trails. The route includes small hills, ruts, mud pits, loose sand, narrow passes, obstacles, camping spots, and clear areas to pause and relax. This "infinity loop" is named due to the repeating and closed loop order in which the trail is run. You can begin or end at any portion of the loop which intersects with a through road (there are 6). It is highly recommended to carry recovery gear and travels in pairs in order to safely navigate the trails. There is no cell service in these areas.


Most of the route includes pathways with loose sand between mud pits. Some portions require very tight fits to go around difficult obstacles, narrow passages, and complex obstacle negotiations.

Technical Rating


Access Description

You can get to this loop via and of the passing grade roads.