Lochloosa WCA Connector

Total Miles


27.95 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is an easier alternative to the main Lochloosa WCA trail and is typically drier with fewer mud holes and water crossings than the main trail. Note that this trail is only open to street-legal licensed vehicles. This trail is single-car width throughout, with little chance of vehicle-scratching branches. The trail surface is mostly packed dirt with some gravel and sand. There is one small water crossing that is around 6 inches deep and 10 feet across, with a gravel bottom. The trail will likely be muddy after recent rainfall but seems to dry quickly without much standing water. The scenery along the trail features tall pine forests with open grass under the canopy. Deer, snakes, and large birds are often seen along the trail. Cell service is available throughout much of the park.

Photos of Lochloosa WCA Connector

Lochloosa WCA Connector
Lochloosa WCA Connector
Lochloosa WCA Connector


This is a flat, primarily dirt trail with interspersed gravel and sand. There is one shallow water crossing that is usually under 6 inches deep and 10 feet across. There may be soft, muddy sections after recent rainfall.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Phil Allen
Mar 31, 2024
If you keep to the main trails, it's very easy going. Some of the side trails get very washed out and muddy, so be wary of getting stuck unless you are well prepared. These puddles can be at least 12" deep.

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