Longo's Curse

Total Miles


427.42 ft


3.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Somewhat difficult Jeep trail near Copper Basin. One major obstacle cannot be bypassed. There is nice scenery on this trail, but the major emphasis is on conquering a series of obstacles. The major obstacle is an undercut ledge with a narrow squeeze around a sharp corner. Four-door Jeeps have more trouble than two doors Jeeps, but both can do it. There is a photo shows how you must rub your front bumper on the ledge to be wide enough to make the corner. Drop down into an arm of Copper Basin Wash and begin a series of obstacles for the rest of the trail. Some are minor and some are challenging. A good spotter helps. Continue up the wash and find a few more interesting spots. Boulders get washed around every year so the trail is never the same. Come out of the wash and take a short spur to the top of a rise on the right. You can see relics from the Copper Basin Mine and also Copper Basin Reservoir. This reservoir is part of the Metropolitan Water District. that takes water from Lake Havasu and delivers it to California. Continue on Monument Peak to return to Parker Dam Road. The western leg goes through Red Canyon and is more interesting than the east leg.

Photos of Longo's Curse

Longo's Curse
Longo's Curse
Longo's Curse


Off-camber trail with deep holes and large rocks that may exceed axle height. Expect erosion, loose rocks, sand, washes, shelves, and deep mud holes. Obstacles and ledges up to 5 feet, and near-vertical grades 8-10 feet tall. Potential for water crossings with strong currents. Caution: Vehicle damage and roll-overs are possible.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Matthew Kvacik
Mar 12, 2023
2013 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

Longo's Curse starts on Parker Dam Road then climbs quickly into Whipple Mountains near Copper Basin Reservoir.

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