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onX Offroad is proud to partner with MIDLAND and offer our Elite members an exclusive deal of 20% off their two way radio products and accessories.

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onX Offroad Elite Partner: MIDLAND

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Midland leads the way in CB, FRS, and GMRS two-way radio communication solutions for every adventure. Over the years since they were founded in 1959, Midland has cemented itself as the top communications provider to the off-road community. With the introduction of the MicroMobile Two-Way Radio, Midland set a new standard for powerful GMRS transmission, reaching the maximum allowed by law. Its traditional handhelds and MicroMobiles work together to bring intuitive communication to the trails for spotting, recoveries, and efforts to build connections.  

The Midland brand encompasses quality, value, reliability, and innovation. The company’s products also promote safety and efficiency across all product lines.

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