onX Offroad Ambassador Keith Curtis: Two-Wheel Hard Enduro Racer and Snowmobile Hillclimb Champion

To say that onX Offroad Ambassador Keith Curtis is a multi-talented athlete is an understatement. As a professional Hard Enduro racer and a seven-time winner of the Jackson Hole King of Kings Snowmobile Hillclimb, Curtis has shown he has elite skills on dirt or snow, in the summer or the winter, and on two wheels or a snow machine. In the past few seasons, the Montana native has emerged as a top talent in the U.S. Hard Enduro racing scene, taking an impressive win this year at the Silver Kings Hard Enduro in Idaho and finishing third overall on the season. As an onX Offroad Ambassador, we asked Keith about his year so far and how he uses the onX app for training, riding, and mapping his favorite trails.

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onX Offroad: Keith, you’ve had a fantastic season this year, taking your seventh “King of Kings” Jackson Snowmobile Hillclimb title, winning the Silver Kings Hard Enduro, and finishing third in the final U.S. Hard Enduro Series standings. What are your thoughts on your year so far?

Keith Curtis: My 2022 has proven to be an incredible year with a lot of success! I’m honored to have won my seventh King of Kings title this year while holding the most victories in hill climb racing. I’ve been a Factory athlete for Polaris Industries since 2008, so this title has been building for many years, and I don’t plan to let up anytime soon!

As for the U.S. Hard Enduro series, it’s a dream come true, racing for Factory 1 Sherco USA. I began racing for them in 2021 and had a solid season. That said, 2022 has been one for the books! I felt a lot of progression from the ’21 season, which really helped me succeed in 2022. I landed a win at the Silver Kings Hard Enduro, a second, several fourths, and a fifth. Finishing the season third in points means a lot, and it makes it even more worthwhile with all the time and effort I’ve invested.

onX Offroad Ambassador Keith Curtis
Photo Credit: Roots, Rocks, and Mud

onX: When did you decide to apply your snowmobile riding skills to off-road dirt bike racing and Hard Enduro? Was it accidental? Or have you always had skills on two wheels?

K.C.: I started diving into the Hard Enduro scene in 2016. That year I traveled to Europe and competed at Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo and Red Bull Romaniacs. Hard Enduro is a fantastic fit for me since I’ve always enjoyed riding technical high-mountain singletrack since I started riding at age four. Riding and racing Hard Enduro on a dirt bike is good cross-training for snowmobile racing.

onX: Let’s talk about how you train for Hard Enduro. As one of the rarer forms of dirt bike racing—with its slower speeds and unique physical demands—how do you hone your skills on the motorcycle and build endurance for such a unique discipline?

K.C.: I’ve been spending more and more time on my trials dirt bike. Trials bikes build a “hard enduro” foundation beautifully. I’ve also spent a lot of time on my e-MTB, which helps with balance and endurance. Gym time and nutrition are also major factors in staying healthy. My wife, Katie, is the master chef. Lastly, I’ve spent loads of time on my Sherco 300 riding super-technical terrain.

Photo Credit: RLT Photos

onX: As a member of the onX Offroad Ambassador Team, how do you use the onX Offroad App as part of your Hard Enduro riding and training regimen?

K.C.: I utilize onX Offroad during grand adventures with friends to ensure we get the most out of every ride. During these adventures, gas and time are limited, so finding a route is critical. While practicing, I like to track my practice loops. This allows me to see my times and how long I’ve been tracking my route and helps keep me on track. On my e-MTB, it’s the same. I track all my rides, the miles, and various elevations, and then I can share my moto and MTB tracks with friends.

 onX: How about during the winter? Do you use the onX Offroad App’s “Snow Mode” when training for the snowmobile hillclimb season or backcountry snowmobiling with friends?

K.C.: Snow Mode is awesome! I check the avalanche forecast daily as I’m always riding and training in different zones and areas. Slope angle is important to know when riding into new or unknown places, which allows me to get a feel for a zone before entering. The color coding makes it fun and an easy tool to use.

Photo Credit: Roots, Rocks, and Mud

onX: What are your favorite features when using the onX Offroad App—in both the “Dirt” and “Snow” modes?

K.C.: In Snow Mode, Offline maps are key. I always use these since I’m riding in areas with no service. I download the places I’ll be riding before I ride, so when I’m out, the maps are saved. I also use slope angle and avalanche forecast often. Offline Maps are also vital in Dirt Mode since I ride my dirt bike in areas without service. And I use the dirt bike filter to show singletrack-specific trails with the topo map.

onX: You’ve ridden in an array of extreme conditions in winter and summer. Are there examples where the onX Offroad App helped you better navigate or avoid a sticky situation in the backcountry?

K.C.: Absolutely. In the summer, onX Offroad keeps me on track, so I get the most out of my day and make it back to my starting point with enough fuel. In the winter, topo lines and slope angles are key. No matter what, the onX App helps point me in the right direction for the type of ride I’m seeking.

Photo Credit: RLT Photos

onX: Well, Keith, we’re honored to have you as a part of the onX Ambassador team. What are your racing plans (and goals) for the future? Any grand plans or goals you’re looking to achieve?

K.C.: I’m honored to be an onX Ambassador, and it’s a fantastic fit for my profession! My racing plans are to continue succeeding and win as much as possible. Proper training is critical, and having a well-rounded regimen crucial. Now that Hard Enduro race season has wrapped up in the states, I will spend time with family and friends, prepare for the winter ahead, and continue training on my motorcycle, trials bike, and e-MTB until the snow flies!

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