Finding Off-Roading OHV Areas Near Me

Finding a place to enjoy off-roading and overlanding can vary greatly depending on where one lives. In less populated areas like the Intermountain West, there’s a wide variety of opportunities for off-road enthusiasts, whereas more heavily populated areas with little public land present more of a challenge. As a result, many OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) parks have been built in the past few decades designed to accommodate the many forms of off-road recreation, including dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and 4x4s.

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With OHV parks catering directly to off-road enthusiasts, offering purpose-built facilities where one can legally access trails in a closed environment, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. So how does one find OHV areas in a given location? We provide a few of our recommendations below, but before we get to that, let’s dig deeper into what defines an OHV area. Then we’ll share a quick and easy way to find OHV areas near you using the onX Offroad App.

What is Considered an OHV Area?

An off-roading truck driving on a dirt road

An Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) area can be defined as a location where off-road vehicles are allowed access for recreational purposes. OHV areas are often located on public lands managed by organizations such as the BLM and Forest Service. These public land OHV areas include designated parking lots, camping areas, restrooms, picnic areas, and other amenities. OHV areas can also be found on state, county, and private land, each with unique rules and regulations. Private OHV parks typically offer even more amenities like cabin rentals, vehicle washing stations, onsite rental and repair shops, and a general store with a fueling station. No matter who owns and manages these designated OHV areas, the goal is to provide enthusiasts a safe and focused environment to enjoy off-roading without the distractions of other forms of outdoor recreation.

How to Find OHV Areas on a Map

A screenshot of fining OHV areas near me on the onX Offroad app

A simple method for finding OHV areas n your immediate area is a Google search for “OHV parks near me.” However, those seeking a more robust and detailed approach can use the onX Offroad App to find OHV Parks anywhere.

Finding OHV Areas Using the on X Offroad App 

  1. Open the onX Offroad App.
    By default, the App will show trails in your immediate vicinity.
  2. Option 1: Type “OHV’ in the search field to return a list of designated OHV areas in your location. If you already know the name of an OHV area, type that into the search field.
  3. Option 2: Navigate to an area on the map you want to explore. Zoom in and look for the OHV icon (as shown in the above image) that calls out designated OHV areas.
  4. Click on an OHV icon to view OHV area details like site features (amenities), GPS coordinates, elevation, and any additional information about the OHV site location.

Using OHV Areas for Off-Roading

Kane creek OHV trailhead sign with off-roading vehicles in the background

When heading to OHV areas near you, it’s best to research the location and determine whether there are any usage fees or required permits, such as state green sticker programs. These fees and permits help maintain OHV areas and keep them open and available for recreational enjoyment. We recommend reviewing individual park rules before embarking on an OHV adventure. Regulations such as required spark arresters to help prevent forest fires should always be followed so that, as a group, the off-road community can continue to enjoy the many incredible OHV areas across the country. And as always, if you pack it in, be sure to pack it out.

Top OHVs for Off-Roading

two off-road vehicles going through a trail in a forest

If you’re new to off-roading and have yet to purchase a vehicle, a great place to begin your search is our Beginner’s Guide to Off-Road Vehicles, where we define the many different off-road vehicle types one may want to consider. The guide includes details about ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, 4x4s, snowmobiles, and unconventional vehicles such as amphibious UTVs, snow bikes, hoverboards, e-scooters, e-skateboards, onewheels, and go-karts.


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