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Our need for speed doesn’t stop when the snow flies. Load up those sleds and plan your next adventure with onX Offroad.

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Find Snowmobile Trails Near You

onX Offroad features thousands of miles of snowmobile trail information across the United States. Switch over from dirt to snow mode in your onX Offroad App to access snowmobile trail maps. Tap a trail for trail names, length, grooming status, and more — all on your existing mobile phone, with no need for an external device. You’re sure to find the perfect trail for your next group ride. 

See Slope Angle on the Map

Is that hill too steep or just right? Turn on slope angle to view different degrees of steepness, from mellow lake beds to vertical mountain peaks.

snowmobile avalanche forecast
avalanche forecast for snowmobiles

View Avalanche Forecasts for Your Snowmobile Trips

onX Offroad pulls in avalanche danger forecasts from your local avalanche forecasters to put lifesaving information at your fingertips. Investigate the day’s avalanche forecast for the zone you will be snowmobiling in. Make safer, more informed decisions with onX Offroad.

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