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Folder Sharing for Off-Road Planning

Go ahead and be the trip leader—because Folder Sharing let’s you organize your custom map content, easily coordinate and share adventure plans, and keep your maps clutter-free.

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Organize and Share Your Off-Road Trips

 Add Routes, Waypoints, Tracks, and map markups to your custom Folders to keep your trips organized and easily share them with friends.

Learn From An Expert:
Folder Sharing

Sharing your favorite places to explore just got a lot easier. Follow along as Nate Pickel from Dirt Lifestyle shows you how to create and share folders in the onX Offroad App. With just a few clicks you and your friends can be on your next epic off-road adventure.

Folder Sharing’s Nuts and Bolts

Explore how easy it is to organize and share plans with your buddies using Folder Sharing.

Save Content to Folders

Add your custom map markups including Routes, Waypoints, and Tracks to a Folder. Create unlimited Folders, and organize your content your way.

Share Trip Folders

Share your Folders with friends and family via email or text message, so they can save them to their onX Offroad App.

Keep Your Map Clutter Free

Choose to hide a Folder’s content on your map to keep it clutter-free as your exploring.

Build your ideal adventure, and you never even have to touch the pavement.

Try onX Offroad free for 7 days and experience what it’s like to be the trip leader with Folder Sharing.

How-To Share Folders

On Desktop

  1. Login to your account on webmap.onxmaps.com/offroad/login.
  2. Select “My Content” on the left side toolbar.
  3. Create a new folder with “Add Folder.”
  4. Choose “Add Content,” pan your map, add Routes, Waypoints, and Tracks.
  5. Select a Folder from your content to access, edit, and share.
  6. Hide content on the map by selecting a Folder and checking “Hide on map.”

In App

  1. Open your onX Offroad App on your mobile device.
  2. Tap “My Content” in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Select “Add Folder” to create a new folder. 
  4. Choose “Add Content” and pan your map to add Routes, Waypoints, and Tracks.
  5. To access, edit, and share your content—select a Folder and tap an option at the bottom. 
  6. To hide a Folder’s content on your map, select the Folder and check “Hide on map” at the top.

“No matter if I’m on my dirtbike or my sled, Waypoints are crucial for me to mark, save, and share my rides. Plus, they’re great for planning group rides, too.”

Keith Curtis
Professional Snowmobile Hillclimb Racer

Frequently Asked Questions

Route Builder isn’t snapping to the road or trail I want it to. How can I change where it connects to?
  • Select “Undo” to revert to your previous point in your Route. Then, try moving your cursor around the map to highlight different trails. When it’s the Route you want to snap to, click to drop a point. 

Another option is to edit by toggling to “Point Draw.” This will disengage snap-to-trail and allow precise control by dropping points that connect via a straight line between.

What is the difference between building Routes on desktop vs. mobile?

Route Builder can be used across devices. For the optimal experience and best control, we recommend building on onX Offroad in your web browser. You’ll need WiFi connectivity to use Route Builder from a mobile device when planning on the go.

Can I share the Routes I build?

 You can absolutely share the Routes you built and saved. While all users can create a Route, they can only be saved with Premium and Elite. Once saved, Routes can be directly shared or added to and shared via a Folder.

What is the difference between a Route and a Track?

Tracks are saved trips and stats recorded while out on the trail using Go & Track. Routes are custom-built pre-planned trips to save, share, or run in the future.

Can I import a GPX / KML file into a Route?

 A GPX / KML file will import into onX Offroad as a Track. Once imported, you can build a Route over the Track by tracing it. Then, save it as a Route to edit and share.