Upland E-scouting

Project Upland’s Nick Larson and onX’s Ben Brettingen talk about bird numbers across the country and take a deep dive into how to use the onX Hunt App to find and target upland birds.
There are few upland birds that get people into the field like the pheasant. The season is here, and Pheasant Forever’s Will Clayton explains how to find public land hotspots using the onX Hunt App.
There are few people as consumed with sharp-tailed grouse as Tyler Webster, host of Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast. Spending most days either scouting or hunting, Tyler shows you his secrets to find birds using a combination of onX Hunt and boots-on-the-ground scouting tactics.
Few things in life compare to a covey of wild quail blowing up at your feet in front of a staunch dog. Chad Love, editor of Quail Forever Magazine, knows a few things about a covey rise. He shares his transformation from years of paper maps to onX Hunt and how he finds birds with his new favorite tool. He then takes us on a 2020 Quail tour, showing you the best states in which you can find quail this season.