We’re Simplifying Trail Cam Management

onX Hunt’s new Trail Camera Integration will solve a complex problem for the millions of hunters that use trail cams each season. Currently, managing and understanding your trail camera intel is disjointed and cumbersome. Soon, receive, organize, and analyze your trail camera images and data with onX Hunt.

Organize. Analyze. Strategize.

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Trail Camera Integration That Will Work for You

We’re Reinventing Trail Camera Management

As hunters, we’ve wasted countless hours attempting to organize, manage, and understand our own trail camera data. This intel exists in siloed experiences across multiple platforms. Strategically setting your trail cameras, uploading from your current archives, receiving cell camera images, automated image analysis, custom tagging, and data driven insights can soon be managed within onX Hunt to give detailed insights on your deer.

How To Integrate Your Trail Camera in the onX Hunt App

Trail Camera Management Reinvented

Now Integrated with Bushnell, Covert, and Exodus

Through partnerships with the leading trail cam manufacturers, you can now connect Bushnell, Covert, and Exodus cell cameras with onX Hunt to create the foundation of your trail camera management.

Sort Through the Noise (Coming Soon)

Focus on Your Deer, Not the Logistics.

Managing your inventory of trail cameras in a way that allows you to make educated hunting decisions is an arduous, manual, time-intensive task. With intelligent analysis, custom tagging, and camera integration that stores images tied to each of your trail cameras on the map, you’ll soon be able to sort through your images quickly in order to make the right decision for your next hunt. 

Insights on Your Deer (Coming Soon)

Organize. Analyze. Strategize.

Access the most holistic and comprehensive insights to the deer on your property is coming soon. By analyzing the data in your images, we’ll give you knowledge on what deer are doing on your property based on the conditions. We’ll analyze temperature, wind direction and speed, moon phases, barometric pressure, time of day, and more to help you be more efficient with the time you have to hunt.

Organize. Analyze. Strategize.

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