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Nevada Hunting Maps

Find public and private hunting land in Nevada with onX, the #1 hunting GPS and map app. Hunt GMU maps, landowner boundaries, aerial and topo maps.

Nevada Land Ownership Coverage

Our parcel coverage map lets you know at a glance which states and counties we have private land owner data for in our products. Due to differing state regulations and availability of data, we currently do not have complete coverage for every state and county. However, if a state or county makes the parcel data available, we make every effort to include it in future updates.

Note: The purpose of this map is to depict private land parcel coverage. Public land and other map layer coverage is statewide. Please note that there may be parts of some counties that do not have coverage or have unknown private landowner names.

Nevada Hunting Map Layers

NV Private Lands Preview

NV Private Lands

Over 1,000,000 parcels mapped by the onX team, this layer helps you know who the property owners are in Nevada. Tap any parcel to learn more info about the owner and acreage.

NV Gov Lands Preview

NV Gov Lands

onX has the most accurate public lands maps with over 62,000,000 acres in Nevada to help you plan your next adventure. Tap any public land parcel to learn more.

NV Hunt Units Preview

NV Hunt Units

Nevada Hunt Units. Please hunt responsibly, obey all signage and have a safe legal hunt.

NV Possible Access Preview

NV Possible Access

onX has mapped 17,000 acres of possible access lands in Nevada including timber companies and land conservation groups. Research rules on these private lands before recreating.

App Overview


Increase success as you layer BLM, forest service, private property and more over aerial imagery, and topographic basemaps, for the most accurate map on mobile device and desktop.

See invisible property lines and seek permission with detailed private and public property boundaries and ownership names.

View trails, roads and accesses to narrow the hunt and always know where you stand.

  • Landowner names & boundaries
  • Satellite imagery with topo lines
  • Offline maps
  • Sync mobile and computer
  • GPS, waypoints, tracks, and markups
  • Color-coded public lands
  • State-specific map layers
  • Roads & trails
  • Hunting zones, units, districts and areas
  • Search by landowner, places or coordinates
  • Mark and measure areas

onX Membership Overview

Map details

  • Private landowner names, boundaries, and tax address
  • Public lands—federal, state, county, local and non-profit
  • 2020-21 Hunt Unit boundaries
  • NDOW Guzzler locations
  • Wilderness areas
  • Roads, trails and trailhead names and numbers
  • Point of interests—geographic and recreational
  • Water—rivers, creeks and lakes with flow direction
  • Weather and radar
  • Campgrounds
  • 24K topo
  • Section lines and numbers
  • Fishing access locations and boat ramps
  • Recreation sites
  • National Park visitor maps
  • Historic wildfire perimeters
  • Active fires
  • Possible access lands
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Much more


onX Hunt prides itself in offering a multi-platform mapping system. Hunt App works on iOS and Android mobile phones as well as provides access to our mapping solutions from your computer.

Map updates

As land ownership, hunting areas, and other map data change we update the map data on our servers. This new map data will automatically be loaded to your Hunt App without you having to do anything.

onX Hunt GPS Chip

Important announcement regarding the onX Hunt Chip

Effective immediately, the onX Hunt Chip for 29 of the 50 U.S. states will no longer be available for purchase. The final 21 states will still be available for purchase through Dec. 31, 2022. Click “Learn More” below to find out when the onX Hunt Chip will be discontinued for this state.

Chip Updates

Version 21.0  Released on: Aug 11, 2021

  • Updated parcel ownership in the following counties: Churchill, Clark, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, Washoe
  • Updated Hunt Units to 2021-22 Hunt Regulations

Version 20.0 Released on: Nov 17, 2020

  • Updated Hunt Units to 2020-21 Hunt Regulations

Version 19.0 Released on: Mar 14, 2019

  • Added Nevada Department of Wildlife licensing agent locations
  • Updated public lands state-wide, including updated boundaries to state parks and wildlife management areas

Version 18.0 Released on: Jul 24, 2018

  • Updated Forest Service and BLM trails with major trail additions to the Tahoe area
  • Added additional recreational data to Death Valley National Park
  • Updated Hunt Unit boundaries to the 2018-19 regulations
  • Updated land ownership state wide
  • Added shooting ranges throughout the state

Version 17.0 Released on: Mar 09, 2017

  • Added parcel data to the following county: Whitepine
  • Updated Guzzler data from the Nevada Department of Wildlife
  • Updated road network to include more up to date and accurate Forest Service roads

Version 16.0 Released on: Apr 04, 2016

  • Updated parcel data in the following counties: Storey, Washoe
  • Updated NDOW Guzzler locations
  • Added more lands owned by the Nevada Bighorn Foundation that may be open for public access
  • Edited water data to show ongoing restoration and weir pond construction in lower Las Vegas Wash