Paradigm Shift

After a lifetime of hunting, Steve Tittsworth never thought twice about why he hunts, or his definitions of success and failure. But after coming face to face with his own mortality, his views have changed and success has taken on a new meaning. Hunting is now more sacred to him than ever and after battling bad weather and elusive elk in Montana with his son, he knows the true worth of a day spent in the woods.

Steve Tittsworth

With his thick southern drawl, you’d think Steve Tittsworth is most at home chasing whitetails. But the man from Tennessee is quite at home in the unpredictable weather of the Rockies, as he chases elk, mule deer and even mountain goat. During his quest to fulfill his dreams, though, the experience of the hunt began to take a backseat to the kill. Only after a brush with death and a hard look at life itself could he get his priorities and his life set back on the right path.

Greenback Tactical Hunters

“I wasted many years hunting for the wrong reasons, but not anymore…Appreciate it now, don’t wait on your own paradigm shift.”

“It’s always seemed like the farther I traveled, the more I subjected myself to, the more my net worth would somehow yield a greater reward and more opportunities for more and bigger animals.”

PC: Nick Sherrod

Expand range nationwide.

Steve’s hunts take him from the thick woods of Tennessee through the plains and Rocky Mountains in the West. With public and private landowner boundaries, topographic basemaps, satellite imagery and the ability to save maps for when there’s no service, onX gives Steve everything he needs to seek out the new, wild places he loves.

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