1. The Hunting Public
  2. Chapter 2.1 – Scouting for Deer: Using the Internet

Chapter 2.1 – Scouting for Deer: Using the Internet


In today’s era of technology you can learn a plethora of information on any given area from the comfort of your couch. Combine the use of mapping from the onX Hunt App with google searches to scour forums, blog articles and state agency websites along with contacting local biologists in the area to gain a better understanding of the area you intend to hunt long before you get there.

This leg work will have you far more prepared when you show up to a new location for the first time. All too often plans are foiled with hunting pressure, drought, floods or a plethora of other factors and ensuring your are prepared with a B and C plan can save a hunt. Ensure you put the time and effort in now to ensure you can meet the expectations of your hunt come fall.