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  2. Chapter 2 – Scouting for Deer: Understanding Land Features

Chapter 2 – Scouting For Deer: Understanding Land Features


Being able to identify key land features on a map will be paramount to being as efficient as possible. With limited time being the largest hindering factor for most folks, making the most of your time afield will depend on your preparation before you ever get into a tree. Ensure you can make the most of that time by understanding how deer use different terrain features and how you can easily identify these features using onX Hunt. 

These land features include ridges, main and secondary ridges, saddles, benches, transition areas and a number of others. If you are not intimately familiar with all of these, this chapter will not only help you have a more successful full, but give you knowledge you can expand on for a lifetime as you use your own experiences to continually improve upon to find consistent success in the whitetail woods.