Born and Raised Outdoors

Elite Members receive 20% off sitewide, including calls and game bags, from Born and Raised Outdoors.

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Born and Raised Outdoors

Having the right tools for the job goes a long way in the field. That’s why we’ve partnered with Born and Raised to offer Elite-exclusive pricing sitewide, including on all of their calls and game bags. For any pursuit where you need to communicate with your quarry, Born and Raised Call Co. offers a solution. From ducks and geese to elk and turkeys, their line of acrylic, diaphragm, and pot calls offer a variety of solutions for your calling needs.

Additionally, for those who seek heavy packouts, the new “Meat Bags” kit will help keep your valuable cargo cool, clean, and secure. Included in the five pack are four quarter bags and one bone-out bag. They are anatomically designed quarter bags with a unique zipper design for bone-in bull elk, made from an ultra light and durable ripstop material. For those looking for breathable, machine washable, resealable game bags for solo hunts in the backcountry, look no further.

Elite Members Receive Exclusive 20% off sitewide with Born and Raised Outdoors, including Calls and New “Meat Bag” Game Bags.

  • 20% off sitewide, including Born and Raised Calls and Game Bags: Get the right tools for your hunts with an exclusive Elite-only price.
    • Calls: When communication is key, Born and Raised Call Co. offers a variety of game calls available both individually as well as in packs and kits. 
    • “Meat Bags”: Functional, durable, and reusable game bags built to keep your bull elk quarters and trim clean and cool in the field.

Dylan Dowson – onX Maps

“I trust Born and Raised calls every time I’m in the woods, whether I am after elk, turkeys, or waterfowl. For elk, my personal “go-to” all-around diaphragm is their “OTC” and my favorite for bugling is their “September”. For open reed calls, their “Two-Tone” is one of the easiest and most realistic cow calls I have come across. Additionally, their Meat Bags are specifically designed for elk quarters (I have found they work excellent for deer as well) and work incredibly well. From calling them in, to packing them out, I rely on these items.”

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