Five Crucial Features for Turkey Hunting and Scouting

The onX Hunt App provides a long list of tools to help you find success in the turkey woods. Master the five tools below, then take to the field with the confidence and knowledge you need to locate and harvest a gobbler this season.

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Compass Mode

The most valuable feature in the spring, this tool will help you pinpoint exactly where that bird was standing when he sounded off, allowing you to make the right move for your set up.

Recent Imagery

Find clear cuts for likely nesting, watch spring water levels rise and recede allowing you to get in and hunt, and see the spring green-up happen in near realtime to put you in the game more often.

Hybrid Basemaps

Use onX Hunt’s Hybrid Basemap, a combination of aerial imagery and topographic lines, to understand the landscape. Hone in on listening knobs above large drainages, allowing you to hear in multiple directions.


Building a history will help you on future hunts. Where a bird was gobbling last year on opening day is great spot to start your search this season. Drop color-coded Waypoints by year to help recall exactly what that bird did last year to get into position for a successful hunt this year.

Coniferous Vs. Deciduous Tree Layer

Though not applicable in all parts of the country, when you begin your e-scouting, this layer will help you find turkey habitat. If you can find edges of hardwoods and pines with water in close proximity, chances are there will be a gobbler nearby.

Set Up onX Hunt for Turkey Season Today