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Designed by hunters, proven in the backcountry, and built in the USA. At its core, Exo only cares about two things—building the best pack system possible, and offering the best service to fellow hunters.

The company obsesses over every design detail and material used to build their pack systems. In every decision, Exo strives for both simplicity and versatility. As hunters themselves, they know that a pack system should not be complicated to use, but it does need to offer options to customize the fit for your body, and also provide efficient access for all of your gear.

onX Employee Testimonial

“Every hunter who has had to pack an animal back to camp or the pickup knows the importance of a quality pack. There are pieces of gear that you can’t afford to skimp on, and a pack is one of those. I have personally been running an Exo pack and have packed out several elk, deer, and a bear with it just this season alone. Comfortability and functionality are top-notch, and their customer service is excellent.”

Dylan D., Marketing

“After moving to Montana from Wisconsin, I needed a pack for the mountains. The Exo Mountain Gear 4800 is obviously the perfect fit for that. What I didn’t realize was how much use I would get out of it in the whitetail woods. As someone who primarily does hang and hunts, the ability pack in gear to stay warm but not sweat on the way in, as well as climbing sticks, rattling antlers, and the whole nine has been an absolute game changer for me. From elk and mule deer hunts in the mountains to hang and hunts across the midwest, Exo is my go to pack.”

Jared L., Marketing