onX Offroad’s Guide to Ultimate Adventure 2022

All photos from Ultimate Adventure 2021.

It’s almost time for Ultimate Adventure 2022! Here’s everything you’ll need to know about this year’s event set to take place the last week in September.

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What is the Ultimate Adventure?

Ultimate Adventure is a yearly private four-wheeling event hosted by the staff of MotorTrend that explores off-road worthy locations in the United States on pavement and trails. Each year, the event moves to a new place, and the course route is kept secret until the last possible moment. Participants are challenged with a roughly one-thousand-mile-long road trip where they are responsible for maintenance, repairs, and provisions necessary for completing the route with no outside assistance.

Ultimate Adventure Week

Dates: Sunday, September 25 thru Sunday, October 2, 2022.

onX Offroad’s Affiliation with Ultimate Adventure 2022

As a past participant in Ultimate Adventure, onX Offroad Community Manager Jake Rosaia knew he wanted the onX Offroad brand to be a supporter of Ultimate Adventure in one form or another. So when the opportunity presented itself, the onX team jumped at the chance. For 2022, onX Offroad is once again a proud supporter for the third year in a row as the Official Mapping Tool of Ultimate Adventure. During the event, participants will receive route info for the day each morning through the onX Offroad App. UA trail helpers also use the app to help any stragglers catch back up to the group as the rest continue down the trail.

Participant Requirements

Participants must be able to live out of their rig for the entire event. Each participant must provide food, fuel, and other provisions, along with having the ability to maintain and repair their vehicle. All vehicles must have 35-inch tall or larger tires with a full-size spare, front and rear locking differentials, and a roll cage. Bottom line: all participants must be self-sufficient for the entirety of the trip, and all vehicles must be driven (not trailered) for the duration of the event.

Ultimate Adventure 2022 Location and Route

Each year the route for Ultimate Adventure is kept secret until the last possible moment. With the event private, the intent is to attract as little attention as possible and leave behind a minimal footprint.

How to Watch the Ultimate Adventure 2022

  • Daily event updates on the MotorTrend website and social channels during the event
  • Watch the MotorTrend YouTube channels in early December for videos
  • Event coverage in the pages of Four-Wheeler Magazine at a later date

How to Follow Ultimate Adventure On Social Media

Instagram: @fourwheelermag, @4wheeloffroad, @jpmagazine, @ultimateadventureofficial, @hbombindustries, @christianhazelofficial, @verne.simons

Facebook: @fourwheelermag@4wheeloffroad@jpmag

Follow the hashtag: #UA2022


Q: What is the Ultimate Adventure?
A: A private four-wheeling event that each year explores off-road locations in the United States.

Q: When is the Ultimate Adventure 2022?
A: Sunday, September 25 thru Sunday, October 2, 2022.

Q: How can I watch the Ultimate Adventure 2022?
A: MotorTrend social channels and visit the MotorTrend YouTube channel in December.

Q: Where is the Ultimate Adventure 2022?
A: Ultimate Adventure organizers hold the event in undisclosed locations in order to minimize the event footprint.

All photos are from Ultimate Adventure 2021.


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