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onX Fish: coming soon. Be the first to try it out.

onX Fish: coming soon. Be the first to try it out.

What if you had a guide in your hand that knew all the information? Which species lived in what water, the best angling techniques to target them, bait and lure recommendations, and even seasonal considerations for fishing your chosen waters? What if that guide also knew about underwater habitat and bathymetry, shoreline characteristics, underwater hazards, and even area amenities so you could plan your trip? Well, meet onX Fish: the fishing guide designed to help you find success on the water.

Understand Your Target Species

Get the info you need to target your favorite species right where they live. From finding what fish live in what waters to angling techniques and tips, bait recommendations, seasonal guidance, and more, onX Fish is ready to guide your fishing day.

Know Where To Fish

Step one to catching fish? Knowing where they live. Use onX Fish to explore underwater habitat and hazards, shoreline characteristics, fishing area amenities, and more, so you can set yourself up for success before you even back the boat down the ramp.

By The Numbers

Fishing isn’t a math problem, but onX Fish adds an ecosystem of tools on top of your talents to make every fishing trip count.

852Million Acres of Public Land

The foundation of America’s outdoor ethic, learn where and how to access the public land entrusted to us all.

147Million Private Properties

You’ll never know if you don’t ask—find landowner data, knock on a door, and find a perfect spot.

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