Find the Best Fishing Spots

onX Fish: coming soon. Be the first to try it out.

onX Fish: coming soon. Be the first to try it out.

Head into your fishing day with a tactical plan, thanks to high-quality 3D imaging of lake bottoms, custom 3D tools to explore underwater terrain, and wind and weather forecasting. Visualize current lake water levels and highlight specific depth bands so you can visualize what’s happening under the water.

Experience a 3D View of Lake Bottoms

Know before you go. onX Fish will help you scout the best locations with a 3D view of the lake bottom.

Customize Your Planning

Dive into custom 3D tools to explore lake bottoms so you can visualize the current lake level, highlight specific depth bands, and more.

By The Numbers

Fishing isn’t a math problem, but onX Fish adds an ecosystem of tools on top of your talents to make every fishing trip count.

852Million Acres of Public Land

The foundation of America’s outdoor ethic, learn where and how to access the public land entrusted to us all.

147Million Private Properties

You’ll never know if you don’t ask—find landowner data, knock on a door, and find a perfect spot.

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