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When onX Backcountry promised to donate all net proceeds from our June 2021 Great Outdoors Promotion to Leave No Trace, it was a decision that reflected our year-round commitment to making the outdoors an accessible, enjoyable place for all. While our outward-facing efforts have largely been focused on improving access, you’ll often find onX team members utilizing their own time or their company-provided volunteer time to put in the work behind the scenes. Check out a few of our efforts below, then find a volunteer opportunity in your area.

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Lisa Nichols – Access Team

onX Living LNT Lisa
  • Location: Montana’s Bitterroot Valley
  • Activity: Deadfall and Brush Clearing

From Lisa . . .

“As wildfire fighting and mitigation takes up more of land management agencies’ budgets, more trail maintenance falls to volunteer trail users. Clearing trails of deadfall and cutting back brush keeps trails more accessible to all types of users and reduces the erosion that would be caused by people cutting new paths around obstacles.”

Jasi Mitchell – Backcountry Social Media

onX Living LNT - Jasi
  • Location: Montana’s Clark Fork River
  • Activity: Trash Cleanup

From Jasi . . .

“The onX crew (and our plus-ones) helped the Clark Fork Coalition with their yearly trash pickup along the Clark Fork River. We volunteered to give back to the river we love and help the Clark Fork be safe, healthy, and clean. I’m not sure how much trash we picked up, and the totals for 2021 are still out, but we found a whole lot of junk in an old dumping ground full of rusty tools, cans, and mattress springs right along the river.”

Lane Colyer – Marketing

onX Living LNT - Lane
  • Location: Idaho’s Snake River Trail
  • Activity: Trail Clearing

From Lane . . .

“We cleared brush along the trail to make the wilderness hiking experience more enjoyable. Anything within three feet of the trail was cleared for better visibility, reduced rattlesnake danger for hikers, and a more enjoyable hike. We covered roughly 20 miles of trail.”

Our commitment to the places we love doesn’t end here, though. We’ll continue to work on volunteer projects throughout the country, and we hope to see you out there.

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Christian Fichtel

Christian Fichtel grew up in North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains but now makes his home in rural Montana. He is a poet, a fly fisherman, and a firm believer that bourbon should be counted among mankind's greatest inventions.