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There is a lifetime of adventures waiting for you within our treasured National Parks, and onX Backcountry puts them at your fingertips. The U.S. National Park Service has preserved and protected more than 85 million acres and, as of today, there are 63 National Parks spanning 29 states and 2 territories.  At onX, we stand in support of efforts to ensure that these pristine places are left unspoiled for the enjoyment of everyone fortunate enough to visit. Whether you’re planning your first visit to Yellowstone National Park or looking for a day hike in a National Park near you, onX Backcountry will help you #findyourpark.

The Best of the Best

The Top 10 National Parks To Visit (download the Backcountry App to view guidebook-quality Adventures, trails, rec points, and more for each park):

  1. Yellowstone National Park (WY, MT, ID)
  2. Zion National Park (UT)
  3. Glacier National Park (MT)
  4. Rocky Mountain National Park (CO)
  5. Yosemite National Park (CA)
  6. Sequoia National Park (CA)
  7. Acadia National Park (ME)
  8. Arches National Park (UT)
  9. Teton National Park (WY)
  10. Shenandoah National Park (VA)
  11. Bonus: Smoky Mountain National Park (TN)

Parks Less Traveled

If you want to avoid the crowds, try these (download the Backcountry App to view guidebook-quality Adventures, trails, rec points, and more for each park):

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HI)
  • Hot Springs National Park (AR)
  • Channel Islands National Park (CA)
  • Voyageurs National Park (MN)
  • White Sands National Park (NM)
  • Everglades National Park (FL)
  • Mesa Verde National Park (CO)
  • New River Gorge National Park (WV)
  • Congaree National Park (SC)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND)
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How to use onX Backcountry to explore a National Park near you:

Step 1: Create an Account, Download the App, and Login
If you’re new to onX Backcountry, create an account and start a free 7-day trial. It’s easy and free. If you already have an onX Backcountry Membership, log in here.
Step 2: Find Your Park
Finding National Parks in the Backcountry App is easy. You can pick out areas on the map that are shaded purple, identifying National Park lands, or use the search feature to look up a specific National Park.
Step 3: Choose An Adventure
Look for an onX Backcountry Adventure, marked with a blue sign Waypoint, inside your park. Tap on the Waypoint to view guidebook-quality trail specs, a detailed write-up, photos, and weather forecast.
Step 4: Customize Your Adventure
Use Custom Waypoints, Line Distance, Area Shape, and Notes tools to markup your map.
Step 5: Download Maps for Offline Use
Many National Parks don’t have reliable cellular coverage. With onX Backcountry, that will be the last thing you’ll worry about. Download your Adventure with all your custom Markups to your mobile device for offline use.
Final Step: Go Explore!
Use onX Backcountry as a reliable offline GPS tool and tracker while you’re exploring our National Parks’ most beautiful lands.
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