Tour De South West Washington County

Total Miles


1436.39 ft



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Best Time

spring, summer, fall



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Trail Overview

This loop will take you North out of St. George Utah and approximately 100 miles later drop you back into the South End of St. George. The starting point is the Old Turkey Farm Road which is also an entry point to the Red Cliff's Wildlife Conservation Area. This route will take you north to Diamond and Dammeron Valley Communities and then West on a very scenic back way past 2 small reservoir's into Gunlock, UT. From Gunlock on the route takes you out into the Southwest Utah Dessert in to a place known as Motoqua then south to Indian Springs. During migration time you are very likely to see herds of Mule Deer if your lucky. Past Indian Springs you come into the Beaver Dam Wildlife Conservation area still going south to Old Hwy 91. You have to travel approximately 2 miles on paved Highway to get to the Scenic Byway turnoff headed toward Beaver Dam Arizona. In Utah you need to have a Street Legal machine with insurance to travel on any Highway the is posted at 60MPH or less. Out of State UTV also need to have an Off Highway permit. Once you reach the Scenic Byway this takes you back into another Wildlife conservation area that runs parallel to the mountains that separate the Byway Route and the Virgin River Gorge. This area is know to have Mountain Goats and signs are posted with descriptions along the trail. Headed East toward St. George you will travel past Blooming Cave. You need a permit to enter the cave but you can stop and read the information and walk to the cave entrance to check it out. From the cave you travel back into St. George and end the route. The route is mostly County Dirt Roads and some Highway travel. Take the Route backwards to see the sights from another view point! Best to be in a Group incase of breakdowns!



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St. George, Utah