Panorama Point

Closest trail to the Hans Flat Ranger Station with varying terrain and a beautiful overlook.

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Trail Overview

The closest trail to Hans Flat Ranger Station, Panorama Point is an easy and rewarding ride. Okay for most stock vehicles, the route has a mix of varying terrain and ends at a stunning overlook. This drive can be done on a single tank of gas if you fill up in Green River. Make sure to read up on Maze area regulations.


A mix of steep, rocky descents, small rock ledges and easier two-track stretches of dirt road. Okay for stock SUVs with high ground clearance, 4-wheel drive and low-range gearing. Tougher spots require slow speeds and careful tire placement.

Access Description

Follow directions for Trail #70 to Hans Flat Ranger Station. Continue straight (southeast) on main road past ranger station 2.5 miles to North Point Road on left.

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