High Rollway Scenic Overlanding Trail 1

Total Miles


310.21 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is an "out and back" trail with some accessible side trails that can be taken. The trail begins where the pavement of West 4 Road meets the dirt at High Rollway Scenic Overlanding Trail 1. The trail begins as an easy two-track, twisting and turning through some picturesque trees. It continues along through dirt, mud, gravel, and loose soft sand. About 1.5 miles into the trail off to the right side is a "playground" area. There are a few hilly areas that can be played on. This seems like it's more for dirt bikes, ATVs, and SXSs, although a high-clearance 4x4 can have fun here too. Continuing down the trail, you'll enter a much more dense forest as you descend down towards the Manistee River. You'll come across a few thick tree roots that will bounce you around a bit, but nothing that a high-clearance 4x4 can't handle. An SUV should be able to handle these roots as well. After the tree roots corner, you'll come across a great riverside bluff campsite. This site can accommodate a small or medium-sized group (roughly 10 vehicles can park and camp here). This campsite unfortunately has a pile of debris (old shingles) within it. This is a great campsite beyond the debris pile. Continuing down the trail you'll come across a shaded campsite. This is another awesome site right on a riverbank bluff. This site can accommodate roughly 10 vehicles. Moving on down the trail, it begins to narrow and gets tight between a large tree and the riverbank bluff. Use caution in this section. One wrong move and you could need some scuba gear. Beyond here, you'll encounter a deep, rutted-out mud/water hole on the left. To the right, there's another mud/water hole that is much shallower than the left side. On the right side, there are 2 paths, a left and a right. The left is the easiest. The right is a little deep. A high-clearance 4x4 should make it through either of these right-side tracks. Just beyond here, the trail dead ends with a scenic view. The area at the dead end is decently overgrown, but with a little bit of cleanup, it could be a decently nice spot to camp for a few vehicles. Any of these campsites along this track should leave you with a secluded spot in a very serene location. Please use caution if you plan to camp in this area. A decent amount of bear scat along this trail has been spotted here; be sure to use common sense when camping in bear country. All in all, this is a gorgeous trail that can be really fun. Make it a weekend campsite spot or use it as an "out and back" trail during a trail ride. This trail surely won't disappoint if you're after good views of the Manistee River on a mainly easy two-track route!

Photos of High Rollway Scenic Overlanding Trail 1

High Rollway Scenic Overlanding Trail 1
High Rollway Scenic Overlanding Trail 1


The Technical Rating and Difficulty have been given a 3 due to the rutted dirt sections, as well as the loose sandy areas, mud holes, and trail obstacles up to 12 inches. This trail is typically one vehicle wide with a few different places to pass. It's mostly an easy two-track route with a few places to use caution.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Natalie B
Apr 21, 2024
2013 Toyota Tacoma

Access Description

This trail is just around the corner from the small town of Buckley, Michigan.

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