onX Offroad is proud to partner with GlueTread and offer our Elite members exclusive discounts of 20% GlueTread Kits for repairing punctures or slices on any tubeless off-road tire without removing the tire from the vehicle!

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onX Offroad Elite Partner: GlueTread

GlueTread strives to make off-road vehicle owners safer and more self-reliant while helping them save money and reduce unnecessary tire waste—by continuing to innovate ways to extend the life of off-road tires with their sidewall repair kits.

GlueTread is a family owned business that was quite literally started in their garage. The Auble family grew up riding ATV’s, using farm equipment and enjoying the outdoors together. When the opportunity was presented to start a business around these passions, they hopped on it! Everyday, they work together to bring products to market that will make your off-road experience safer, more enjoyable and more affordable while trying to reduce the number of tires that end up in a landfill.

onX Offroad Elite members enjoy 20% off on GlueTread kits year-round.

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