650K+ Miles of Off-Road Trails

Free 7-Day Trial.

Free 7-Day Trial.

The Best Off-Road Navigation App for iPhones and iPads

onX Offroad is the most trusted off-road app by iOS users. Instead of carrying paper maps on the trail, or needing to collect files from many sources, use your iPhone or iPad as an off-road GPS with the onX Offroad App, even when out of cell service. It’s as easy as: download, create an account, choose a trail, go adventure. Easily find 4X4, 4WD, ATV, dirt bike, Jeep, UTV and overlanding trails near you.

ATV and dirt bike Trails Near Me

Find Off-Road Trails Near You

Filter trails by your vehicle and then zoom in to find open trails. Green=open and ready for riding. Red=temporarily closed. Blue=Featured Trails with detailed descriptions, difficulty and photos. Tap a trail for more information like closure dates, trail descriptions, and land management. Once you’re on the trail, onX Offroad helps you navigate and Track your ride, even when you’re out of service.

View Public ATV Trails Near Me

View Public Land Maps and 500K Rec Points

The onX Offroad App allows you to quickly and easily view public lands and boundaries on your iPhone. Yellow land=BLM. Green land=National Forest. Purple land=National Parks. Access 500,000 recreation points such as campgrounds and dispersed campsites, forest service cabins, lookouts, and trailheads.

Add Waypoints and Track Trips on iPhone and iPad

Tap a location anywhere on the map to add your own Waypoints for campsites, rock crawl areas, non-ethanol fuel stations or where you parked the trailer. Track your route, distance and speed, and save the Track for reference. Easily share Waypoints and Tracks with other onX Offroad users. All data syncs between your iPhone, iPad or tablet, and computer.

Offline offroad Maps

Unlimited Offline Maps—No Cell Service Required

Download the map of where you want to off-road before heading out of service. Choose the map detail level and pan or zoom to select an area of the map to save. Maps are stored on your iPhone or iPad; no service is required to view trails and add Waypoints. Navigate and Track your trips, even without service, using your phone or tablet’s GPS.

3D Maps, Weather, and More

Join thousands of off-roaders in planning and discovering 650K+ miles of off-road trails. Keep all of your trails, Tracks, campsites, and markups in one App. No need for an expensive GPS unit, with the onX Offroad app, you have all you need to navigate safely while out on the trail. 

Explore With Confidence

onX Offroad is the most trusted off-road app for iPhones.