At onX, we’re passionate about helping the public find hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities. We also know access to public land is not always guaranteed, whether due to land settlement patterns, lack of legal public access or intentional efforts to block public access.

Do you have ideas about improving access in your local area? Help us identify access opportunities by providing the details and location of places you care about. Our team will then review your response, add the location to our database and assess hot spots.

There are two ways to report access opportunity locations:

  1. If you have an onX account:
    1. Zoom to the location you want to tell us about in your onX Web Map or App.
    2. Tap the “Add Waypoint” tool and drag the Waypoint to the exact location, if necessary.
    3. Name your Waypoint to reflect what you are reporting (e.g., is it a property for sale next to BLM land? A blocked road? A new trail opportunity?)
    4. Attach a photo (optional). If you have a photo of the location, you can upload it in the Photo section of the Waypoint details.
    5. Tell us about the Opportunity (required). In the Notes section of the Waypoint details, describe why this area is a candidate for improving access. What types of recreational activities does it offer? Please be as detailed and specific as possible.
    6. Save your Waypoint.
    7. Share the Waypoint with (Tap on your Waypoint so that the information box pops up, then tap the orange Share button.)

  2. If you do not have an onX account:
  3. Use the link to the form below to submit your idea, or create a free 7-day trial of onX Hunt and follow the instructions above.
Looking for ideas to share with us?

Here are the types of access opportunities you can help us identify:

  • A property currently for sale next to landlocked (inaccessible) public land.
  • An opportunity to establish a road or trail easement to access hard-to-reach public land or public water.
  • A gate, sign or blockade on a public road that prevents access to public land.
  • An area where the public is trespassing on private land because they are trying to reach inaccessible public land.