onX Offroad Releases Proprietary Route Builder Feature

Enabling users to create reliable and accurate plans before hitting the trail

onX Offroad, a pioneer in off-pavement adventure navigation, today announced the release of its proprietary Route Builder feature. This new feature was designed to enable off-roaders to quickly create, edit, and share a route–a line on the map that represents a proposed trip–across a vast network of roads and trails in the United States.

onX Offroad is a navigation app built for off-roaders by off-roaders. It maps 650,000 miles of interactive trails and dirt roads for 4×4, SxS, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. The new Route Builder feature allows onX Offroad users to create custom routes along these trails and roads, connecting multiple trail systems and spanning OHV areas. By dropping a point on the desktop or mobile map, the tool’s “snap-to-trail” functionality will automatically trace the closest road or trail, building an adventure in mere seconds. Once created, users can save a route, share it, and hit the dirt–following along from their mobile device, tablet, or in-dash via CarPlay or Android Auto. 

“We’re really excited and proud to release a new feature that showcases how we’ve built our navigation platform,” said onX Offroad General Manager, Rory Edwards. “While other mobile apps rely on trail and road data from third-party vendors, we’ve built our maps from the ground up. By combining thousands of data sources, our geospatial team works to ensure the accuracy and recency of trail information. This human-powered quality control lets our customers create high-fidelity routes across the country.”

To date, onX’s geospatial team has made 1.6 million edits to its proprietary map content, evaluating trails and roads with an off-roader’s eye. For example, this team refines trail routes so they are navigable, edits the geometry of each to match satellite imagery, and works to ensure that the vehicle accessibility information on each trail is up-to-date.”

In addition to custom data underpinning the new feature, the engine powering onX Offroad’s Route Builder was also built in-house. 

“Because we built the Route Builder engine in-house, we’re not tied to a pre-existing solution built by a third party vendor,” explained Edwards. “That allows us to scale and innovate at a faster rate. In the near term, this avoids frustrating customer experiences, and lets users build a route spanning the entire country at an unmatched speed. In the future, this could enable onX Offroad users to build routes based on many different data attributions, such as vehicle width or technical rating, for example. We’re looking to iterate and innovate, solving unmet customer problems down the road.” 

The onX Offroad Route Builder feature can be found in the Tools tab on both the desktop and mobile App. Users can create new routes with the Snap To tool while online or within cell service. The route’s detail card shows a trip’s elevation profile and distance totals. Once created, users can easily edit and share the route with friends. Or they can download it as a GPX or KML file type and import it directly into another onX Offroad account. 

Anyone with an onX Offroad account can create routes with Route Builder, and Premium and Elite members can save and share those routes for future use. To try out Route Builder, make sure you have an onX Offroad account set up, then click the following link: https://webmap.onxmaps.com/offroad/map/route/create

About onX Offroad

onX Offroad is the leader in off-road maps and GPS technology, empowering powersports and overlanding enthusiasts to explore 650,000 miles of motorized trails and 852 million acres of public land. Built for off-roaders, by off-roaders, the company strives to create the most complete, current, and accurate mapping app available on the market. Because off-the-beaten path experiences are at the heart of what onX does, the company also leads initiatives to protect and expand access to public land and promote stewardship opportunities. https://www.onxmaps.com/offroad/app


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