onX Hunt Debuts Application Season Tools to Help Members Draw the Tags they Desire

onX Hunt has partnered with three of the top hunting-related service providers in the industry to offer Elite members a comprehensive hub to help successfully draw hunting tags across the country.

As the influx of new hunters continues to grow, and hunting regulations get more complex, it has become harder for hunters to navigate the process and find success. With onX Hunt’s new application tools, Elite members can get expert assistance through exclusive partners.

Elite members now have complimentary access to Toprut, Huntin’ Fool and HuntReminder as part of the membership package. Combined, this gives onX Hunt users an immediate support system as they seek out hunting permits.

“The processes vary so much state by state, and often are confusing even to the residents,” said Dylan Dowson, Big Game Vertical Manager at onX Hunt. “By combining the power of onX Hunt with the expert guidance of our partners, Elite members will find it worlds easier to apply for the hunts they want, and see greater odds of success—both in the draw and in the field.”

Starting with onX Hunt, you can plan out where and what to hunt using the new Western Application Research folder, full of relevant land and species map layers to customize your map for application planning and e-scouting. onX Hunt also has a vast library of educational content to help you research, and decide which tags or sections fit your needs the best.

From there, onX Hunt’s Elite partners can help with the final steps in locking down which sections give you the best chance of success, be that with a draw or with a harvest.

Toprut offers the industry’s most accurate draw odds, harvest data and application trends across eight western states, with more planned to roll out this year. With free access to a Toprut Peak membership, onX Hunt Elite members can find hunt units based on success rates, draw odds, preference point needs, application trends and myriad other data.

Huntin’ Fool provides onX Elite members with 25 years of boots-on-the-ground intelligence to help plan your most successful hunt ever. From first-time hunters to the seasoned veteran, Huntin’ Fool provides research, advice, education and tips to navigate the sometimes complex and often confusing state application systems. Never struggle to apply for a tag again, as Huntin’ Fool’s expert guidance takes the confusion out of the system.

HuntReminder, the latest addition to the onX Hunt application season program, ensures you never miss a key date again. With key season application and draw dates preloaded, you simply enter for what season, state and species you want to be reminded to apply. Then, HuntReminder sends you timely text and email reminders to make sure you meet key deadlines.

When paired with the powerful mapping, planning and data layer tools found in onX Hunt, these application season tools give onX Elite members a leg up in the hunting tag process.

Visit the onX website for more information about onX Hunt Elite membership and Application Season Benefits, visit or download the onX Hunt app from the Apple Store or Google Play.


Molly Stoecklein

Growing up in the east, Molly’s first claim to fame was a 1998 New York State Ski Ballet Championship title. Since, she’s never lived far from the mountains and now calls Bozeman home. When she’s not heading up PR and Communications for onX, she’s out exploring on skis or bike, or with fly rod in hand.