On Broken Country, Presented by onX Hunt, Explores Landlocked Public Lands and the American Experience

On Broken Country, the latest short film presented by onX Hunt, takes viewers on a journey through the American West’s landlocked public lands—places that the public is unable to access because they are surrounded by private land boundaries. From the rich history of early peoples and settlement of the West to today’s debates about land access for outdoorsmen and women, On Broken Country gives viewers a window into wild lands that have been lost to time and fences, and yet still have the potential to be cherished by future generations.

On Broken Country dives into the history of landlocked public lands, showing how western migration, settlement and public policy led to 15.87 million acres of inaccessible state and federal land. As Seigfried explains, the sheer magnitude of the problem wasn’t fully realized until onX conducted a 2018 survey and analysis of landlocked public lands.

The West and its public lands have always been at the center of passionate debates between those who depend on them for their livelihoods, from indigenous peoples and farmers to ranchers and hunters and anglers. But as the film illustrates, the legacy of the West also tells a story of neighbors coming together to solve problems and support each other when the going gets tough. As cities grow and wild places disappear, protecting public lands becomes an issue that everyone should rally behind.

Deep connection to the land and the spirit of cooperation is at the heart of onX’s public land access mission – to unlock public lands for hunters and anglers while also benefiting local landowners. Making sure everyone can enjoy our public lands creates more voices to advocate for their preservation. That’s why onX has made a commitment to help protect and expand access for all Americans. Progress has been made, but there’s more work to be done to reopen the West’s wild, broken country.

To watch On Broken Country, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auwkrRjBEIQ. Or check out the film as it screens in the following film festivals this year: Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Red Dirt Film Festival, and Winterland Film Festival.

To learn more about onX’s land access and stewardship initiatives, head to https://www.onxmaps.com/onx-access-initiatives 


Molly Stoecklein

Growing up in the east, Molly’s first claim to fame was a 1998 New York State Ski Ballet Championship title. Since, she’s never lived far from the mountains and now calls Bozeman home. When she’s not heading up PR and Communications for onX, she’s out exploring on skis or bike, or with fly rod in hand.