onX Hunt Announces Industry-First Integration with Cellular Trail Cameras

Revolutionizing the way hunters use and manage their camera data

onX Hunt, the market’s leading hunting GPS app, today announced an integration with Bushnell and other industry-leading manufacturers that will completely reinvent the way hunters use cellular trail cameras this season.

onX Hunt members can now receive images from select cellular cameras directly in their onX Hunt app. By logging into their Bushnell Trail Camera app, hunters can connect their cellular cameras with onX Hunt. Images will then seamlessly flow into the onX Hunt app, populating at each Trail Camera icon that marks individual camera locations on the map. In addition, they can also see their cell camera’s battery life, exact location, and, over time, a comprehensive history of the cameras’ previous locations.

“Trail cameras are one of the most important tools a hunter can use,” said onX Hunt General Manager, Clifford Cancelosi. “But historically we’ve relied on a tedious process of managing that imagery and making sense of our data. In close collaboration with Bushnell, we’ve pioneered a solution to change that.”

This integration will not only simplify the trail camera management experience, it also sets the stage for future analysis–so hunters can better understand how, when, and where game uses their property. By analyzing factors associated with each image–like wind direction and speed, barometric pressure, moon phase, and more–hunters will soon be able to build a more comprehensive understanding of the deer on their property and find more success this season. 

“In addition to having a holistic view of all their cell cam images, we’re putting analysis at a hunter’s fingertips, so he or she can better pattern that buck more effectively,” explained Cancelosi.

“The ability for hunters to track and predict whitetail movements just became a lot simpler thanks to our new partnership with onX Hunt,” said Primos Director of Product and Marketing, Jason Harris. “By simply adding your Bushnell cellular trail camera to your onX Hunt account, users can easily collect images from every camera in one app. This new feature goes a long way in solving a common need shared by millions of whitetail hunters.”

Currently, onX Hunt integrates with Bushnell, Covert, and Exodus cellular cameras. For more information, head to: https://www.onxmaps.com/hunt/trail-camera-services

Bushnell is also an onX Hunt Elite partner. This fall, Elite Members can take advantage of 25% off Bushnell trail cameras and three months of free cellular data with that purchase. To learn more, check out: https://www.onxmaps.com/hunt/app/elite/benefits/bushnell

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Molly Stoecklein

Growing up in the east, Molly’s first claim to fame was a 1998 New York State Ski Ballet Championship title. Since, she’s never lived far from the mountains and now calls Bozeman home. When she’s not heading up PR and Communications for onX, she’s out exploring on skis or bike, or with fly rod in hand.