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When you purchase an onX Backcountry membership we’ll donate $10 to your local avalanche center to help fund their forecasts.

onX Avalanche Awareness Month

Duration: 30s
Coming off one of the worst avalanche seasons on record, we’re partnering with 25 avalanche centers across the country to tell their stories and support their snow safety mission.

Coming off one of the worst avalanche years in history, now is the time, before the snow starts to fall, that we can help ensure that the backcountry snow community has the beta they need to make smart decisions. There are 25 avalanche centers nationwide and budgetary challenges are often a struggle they have to contend with every season. The people behind the avalanche forecasts, the forecasters, are hard working, extremely knowledgeable, and essential to backcountry enthusiasts. Their observations allow for more informed decisions which lead to safer days in the mountains.

When you purchase an onX Backcountry membership via our website, we’ll donate $10 to your local avalanche center to help fund their forecasts. Once you join our community, you can share the App with touring partners, friends, and loved ones so they can also get in on the action. For each friend that purchases, another dollar will be donated to the center of your choosing. Use onX Backcountry to access a suite of navigation tools that leverage the work of the centers themselves.

Participating Avalanche Centers

Choose from one of these 25 avalanche centers and we’ll donate $10 to your choice to help fund their forecasts when you purchase.

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The Paramount Backcountry Ski Navigation Tool

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Avalanche Forecasts

First things first—before you even step foot into the backcountry, every avalanche professional recommends checking the forecast. With comprehensive information about conditions, snowpack, and much more a forecast is where every winter backcountry adventure needs to begin. With onX Backcountry, you can access avalanche forecasts in-app for your backyard zone or an area that beckons your imagination.

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Slope Angle

Based on the avalanche conditions for that day, you’ll need to make a call whether you’re safe to get sendy or you’ll need to keep it cool on the lower angle terrain. This decision is made easier with onX Backcountry’s Slope Angle layer where we’ve overlaid a color gradient that outlines the steepness of the terrain onto the map. Always know what’s above, around, and below you as avalanches propagate not just from the slope you’re on.

Avalanche Forecaster

An Ode To Forecasters

It’s dark, cold, and the muscles are still stiff from yesterday. Yet, every morning before the rooster crows, a forecaster wakes up, makes coffee, and starts browsing weather reports with unmatched detail. Combining this research with a long tour in the mountains, they make a forecast that allows you to navigate safely in the backcountry. We owe them a debt of gratitude, and more importantly, a donation.

Avalanches By The Numbers

The numbers are scary, but with the right tools and education you can navigate avalanche terrain. Check the forecast, take snow safety courses, practice beacon checks, and have onX Backcountry in your pocket to maximize a safe day in the mountains.

1,238Square Miles

There are 67 public forecasters and 82,942 square miles of avalanche terrain across the country. This requires each forecaster to observe an average of just over 1,200 square miles of territory.


In nine out of ten avalanche incidents, a slide is triggered by the victim or someone in the victim’s party.


Nearly 1,000 human-triggered avalanches were caused during the 2020-2021 season in Colorado.

37Avalanche Fatalities

During the 2020-2021 skiing season, 37 avalanche fatalities occurred. The most in modern avalanche history.
Snowmobiling App

For Those Who Like to Snowmobile

Ready to get the sled out? Check out 140K miles of snowmobile trails in the onX Offroad App. With a subscription you’ll also have access to 500K miles of off-road specific dirt trails and roads across the nation. Tap a trail for details like trail descriptions, difficulty ratings, open and close dates, and photos. During November, onX is supporting avalanche forecast centers with your help. When you subscribe to onX Offroad Premium or Elite, you can donate $10 of your purchase to an avalanche center of your choice. Ready to shred? Let’s go.

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For every onX Backcountry purchase during Avalanche Awareness Month, we will donate $10 to the avalanche center of your choice. Buy onX Backcountry today and support your forecast.
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