Support Your Local Avalanche Center

onX is proud to partner with your local avalanche center. For each membership purchased with a promo code provided by your avalanche center, we donate 20% of our proceeds to support their forecasts.

The Best Apps For Backcountry Travel

onX put the most critical tools for backcountry planning right at your fingertips. Track your location, view wind and weather forecasts, and identify avalanche danger with avalanche forecasts and slope angle shading. Explore with confidence with onX.

Which App is Right For You?

onX offers tailor-built apps for your backcountry adventure needs:

onX Backcountry

Built for Backcountry Skiers, Snowboarders, Splitboarders, XC Skiers, and Snowshoers, onX Backcountry provides guidebook quality trail descriptions to help you pick the perfect trail for your activity. If you are into human powered activities in the backcountry, this app is for you.

onX Offroad

Built for Snowmobilers & Snow Bikers, onX Offroad showcases intricate trail networks and open riding areas for motorized travel and powder hunting in the backcountry. If you’re in need of some throttle therapy, this app is for you!

Avalanche Forecasts

First things first—before you even step foot into the backcountry, every avalanche professional recommends checking the forecast. With comprehensive and regularly updated information during the season about conditions, snowpack, and much more, a forecast is where every winter backcountry adventure needs to begin. With onX, you can access avalanche forecasts in-app for your backyard zone or an area that beckons your imagination.

Slope Angle

Based on the avalanche conditions for that day, you’ll need to make a call whether you’re safe to get sendy or you’ll need to keep it cool on the lower angle terrain. This decision is made easier with the onX Slope Angle layer which features an overlaid  color gradient that outlines the steepness of the terrain onto the map. Always know what’s above, around, and below you as avalanches propagate not just from the slope you’re on.

Offline Maps

Save customized maps directly to your phone to make safer, more informed decisions on the trail and in the snow. Even when you are far from cell service, you can see your blue dot on the map and track your location. Travel with confidence in the backcountry with onX.

3D Maps

Get the lay of the land with 3D Maps. View your favorite backcountry zones in 3D and visualize ski, snowmobile, and backcountry terrain like never before with onX.

Support Your Forecast

Coming off one of the worst avalanche years in history, avalanche centers need our support so that we can help ensure that the backcountry snow community has the beta they need to make smart decisions. There are 25 avalanche centers nationwide and budgetary challenges are often a struggle they have to contend with every season. The people behind the avalanche forecasts, the forecasters, are hard working, extremely knowledgeable, and essential to backcountry enthusiasts. Their observations allow for more informed decisions which lead to safer days in the mountains. onX Backcountry and onX Offroad is proud to partner with all of the U.S. avalanche centers to provide avalanche forecasts in our apps.

Explore the Backcountry

onX makes the premier navigation apps for backcountry travel. If you purchase onX Backcountry or onX Offroad and use a promo code provided by your avalanche center, we will donate 20% of the proceeds back to your avalanche center.