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Field professionals and office staff across disciplines need access to reliable maps to accurately and safely perform their work. Whether it’s figuring out what road or trail to take or knowing who a land owner is, the more up-to-date information field professionals have in hand, the faster work can be performed without extensive trips back and forth to the office.

onX understands the time and financial barriers to obtaining and curating up-to-date information for the field—let us do the heavy lifting. The onX Pro Alliance is a trade program designed to help government and nonprofit staff tap into the location data they need to get their jobs done.

If your agency or organization can provide onX with dynamic spatial data and you would like to outfit your department with onX for field and office use, please contact our Pro Alliance Coordinator at  pro‑alliance@onxmaps.com.

“I always use onX when I’m in the field doing monitoring work for the Colorado State Land Board. Whether I’m in the mountains, on the plains, or in sagebrush country, the app lets me know exactly where I am. It also lets me record sites that have management concerns, such as noxious weeds or erosion problems, and keeps track of exactly where I’ve been on each property I’ve inspected. It’s become an essential part of my field ‘equipment.’” 

—Mindy G., Colorado State Trust Land Board Conservation Services Manager

Pro Alliance Current Partners

Pro Alliance Testimonials

“Hey OnX! I’m a helicopter pilot in the Air Force […] This past Tuesday, on Christmas, I was part of a crew that launched on a search and rescue mission for 4 lost individuals who were riding snowmobiles here in Wyoming. We had paper maps and word of mouth to go off of to do our search. But then I remembered this awesome app I use when I go hunting…I didn’t realize that it also has snowmobile trails loaded in it. We were able to use this app to help us follow trails and find their tracks from the air […] we found all 4 of them! I then used the tracking function on the app and passed screenshots of where we found them to our operations center, and on to the ground search parties. We were unable to extract them due to weather and terrain. But the ground search party was able to go in the next day and get all 4 of them off the mountain safe. Thanks for making an awesome product, which truly lead to saving 4 people’s lives.”

– Helicopter Pilot, Air Force

“[We] are testing the onX app with the GIS information and collaboration on mapping. This evening while on duty, he responded to an elderly lady who wasn’t sure where she lived. Neighbors knew she lived across the street, but not sure where. He opened the onX app with our GIS layers and there was the map of where he was at with the people’s names on property around him. Found her house quickly, getting her back safe and sound.”

—Fulton County, IL ESDA Director / 911 Coordinator

“I have been doing some field work assessing structures on parcels that we know about. In my running around our county, I have also found some structures that were built without permits, which is acceptable practice in the farmland areas. With your product, I can just drive up to the site and know who owns the property just by looking at my phone. It has increased our efficiency and we are able to do our job without having to make multiple trips back to the site.” 

—Fulton County, IL Supervisor of Assessments

The Outdoor Recreation Industry

Most onX members are anglers, hikers, hunters, skiers, cyclists, snowmobilers, trail runners and other outdoor recreators. The outdoor recreation industry is now counted as part of our nation’s economic value totaling $412 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. Outdoor recreators contribute $59.2 billion to state and local tax revenues each year.* There are places in the country that are well-known destinations for outdoor recreation (some may be a little too well known), but there are more areas waiting to be discovered. onX helps adventurers find new places to explore.

Are your recreation opportunities on the map? If not, contact our Pro Alliance Coordinator
at pro-alliance@onxmaps.com.

*Outdoor Industry Association Report

Where the Pavement Ends, onX Begins

Picture this: a wildlife biologist spends half her time in the field and half of her time in the office. When she’s at her desk, she has access to all her agency’s geographic data and free maps on the internet. But she has to contact other agencies to gather datasets she needs to plan her study. And she doesn’t have access to all this information once she’s in the field.

When the biologist gets out to her study area, she sees “No Trespassing” signs posted, blocking her access to the route she planned. There is no house in sight and she doesn’t know who owns the property. She opens her smartphone to call her colleague in the office, but she’s outside of cell service. So the biologist drives back to her office to consult the county’s property records and has to go back to the site the next day.

But what if she had all the information she needed in the field saved to her phone ahead of time? What if the maps on her phone looked like the maps on her computer, and she could sync waypoints between devices? What if she could see exactly where she was standing in relation to the satellite view of the landscape and property information, even after she left cell service? Sounds ideal, right?

Land ownership is a complex jigsaw puzzle; each piece has a different land manager, each manager produces spatial data for different purposes and updates their data at different rates. Finding each puzzle piece and fitting them all together is a resource-intensive task for any organization.

onX strives to provide nationwide coverage of land ownership, roads, trail, hunting districts and so much more. In doing so, onX faces the same challenge of fitting the jigsaw puzzle together.

Our data is sourced from a collection of carefully-vetted sources, including counties, state agencies and federal governmental agencies. Our in-house team of 20 data-driven GIS professionals ensure our information is as distinct, accurate and useful as possible. Our human validation and data conflict resolution is the onX difference, ensuring the best-quality data for our products and maximum consumer utility.

Sync All Your Data 
Across Devices

Whether you are working in the field or planning your day from your desk, onX has the right tool for the right time. Utilize our products on your iOS or Android device or any web browser with the peace of mind that your content will seamlessly sync between those devices.*

*with the exception of saved maps

Desktop & laptop computers

Apple & Android tablets

Apple & Android smart phones

Garmin GPS devices

Safety and

onX users depend on our digital maps for off-pavement peace of mind, even outside of cell service. Before setting foot on the trail, open the map of your destination, turn on the waypoints, markups and layers you want to see in the field, then save a map to your smartphone using the Off-Grid feature.