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More Than Just Maps

We bring our passion for the outdoors together with our passion for technology, and we strive to live fully – bringing the stoke both in and out of the office.

We bring our passion for the outdoors together with our passion for technology, and we strive to live fully – bringing the stoke both in and out of the office.

We Love Tech

Our customers—and we ourselves!—rely deeply on the technology we build for exploring the outdoors. We leverage the best tools available to solve hard problems at scale, we iterate quickly, and we ship a product that our customers depend on.

We Get Outside

Every Monday morning, we eagerly consume the onX Moments slack channel, as our team shares their weekend adventures fishing, climbing, hunting, backpacking, kayaking, and more. With the Get Out and Get Active fund, onX provides every employee with a generous annual contribution toward their recreational activities and equipment.

We Give Back

Our team volunteers for environmental cleanups, conservation efforts, and community programs. We provide all employees with the option to participate in onX Gives, an allotted donation amount to give to their chosen cause. onX employees can also go the extra mile and donate unused vacation hours through onX Gives. Through these philanthropic activities, we all have direct and meaningful impacts within our local communities.

We Connect

There’s a certain closeness at onX. Like any family, we have our own traditions: the annual Pacific Northwest collective salmon buy (we’ve ordered over half a ton of salmon!), company wellness challenges, Yoga Tuesdays, cornhole tournaments, in-app scavenger hunts, Summer BBQs, biannual outdoor team gatherings, and more.

We Learn Together

We believe in bringing a diverse set of backgrounds, ideas, and opinions together to solve big problems. Every new challenge is an opportunity for shared learning. Our cross-functional teams are empowered to ask questions, take risks, experiment and learn, and build innovative solutions.

Find What Awakens You


Build a product that you will actually use, and that inspires people to get outside, while pushing the limits of modern mobile hardware and architecting for massive scale. Use creativity and innovation to bring your ideas to life.

Product Design

We value high creativity and high visual design skills to shape our products. We dive deep into complex UX and UI patterns. Our team is expanding into research, interactive mapping, and other unique opportunities.

GIS & Data

onX has terabytes of outdoor-recreation geospatial data to support our analytical efforts. Our open source geospatial tech stack offers a veritable technology wonderland and regular opportunities for self-directed innovation in mapping and analysis.

Product Mgmt

Lead cross-functional teams to create highly innovative products and magical experiences for our customers. We’re building products that give people the confidence to get out, experience our public lands, and create lifelong memories in the outdoors.

Customer Support

Represent onX in enthusiastic interactions with a community of customers who love and trust the brand. Collaborate with colleagues company-wide who seek your expertise in the customer experience and who invest in customer outcomes.


We seek to inspire our customers and bring the onX story to life. From front-end devs to growth hackers to designers and writers to automation experts, we deliver growth and innovation at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Business Development

Our team blends skill sets from sales, marketing, product development, negotiation, and project management. We align strategically across the company, and we work with partners in a variety of industries, keeping it fast-paced and fun every day.