Every action, big or small, counts toward preserving the health of our ecosystems, so we can protect our recreational access, forever.

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One Steward. One Group. One Movement.

Wherever you are on your stewardship journey, it’s each action that makes the difference. While we all navigate the landscape of highly pressured lands, we celebrate moments of stewardship—big or small. Teach a youngster in your life through the lens of our little Stuart the Steward, whose mission is to awaken the steward in all of us, or share a new skill with someone who’s learning a sport. We all have our own path toward stewardship, but moving forward is movement enough.

Scroll on for educational resources, a quiz to test your knowledge, special edition gear, a not-to-miss virtual event with some of the best stewards we know, and more.

Navigating Stewardship With onX

Navigating Stewardship With onX


Navigating Stewardship: One Moment at a Time

Join us in celebrating stewardship. One moment can create a movement.

onX Hunt: Navigating Stewardship

Whether you’re just taking hunter safety or a seasoned vet in the field, stewardship is a journey. Learn about ways you can continue to educate yourself or pass on your knowledge to those around you.

onX Offroad: Navigating Stewardship

Stewardship is what will protect the open road ahead of you. Join a haul out party, lobby to maintain access we already have, and trail restoration will keep landscapes open for the wheelers of the next generation.

onX Backcountry: Navigating Stewardship

Stewardship action will preserve the landscapes and trails ahead of you. Test your knowledge, pass on what you know, and purchase threads for a great cause this month with our Navigating Stewardship campaign. 

What Stewardship Looks Like

Being a steward can take many different forms. Sometimes, it’s conservation or habitat restoration. While at other points, it includes planning ahead, paying attention, being considerate, or just not being a jerk.

Here are a few actions we like:

Test Your Knowledge

Stewardship is a journey and learning is life-long. Curious to see how you stack up? Take our quiz!

Keep On Learning

Dive deeper into some of our favorite inspirational stewardship resources.

Mark Kenyon Helps Cleanup with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers | Massachusetts
Stewardship on Private Lands with Doug Duren | Wisconsin
Tread Lightly! Volunteers Lend a Hand at Easter Jeep Safari | Utah
Local Climbers Keep Access Open through Stewardship | Pennsylvania
Stewards Reclaim Trails After Wildlife | California
Raising Trail Heroes: Teaching Children Stewardship

Join Our Social Contest

Share a story that celebrates the person who inspired you to start your stewardship journey. To enter, publish an in-feed IG post, using #PassItonX.

Winners will receive a bundle of onX stewardship gear and the following:

  • Solo Stove
  • YETI Cooler
  • DMOS Shovel

For every entry, onX will donate $10 to a pool of funding for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Tread Lightly!, and Leave No Trace.
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Live With onX and Friends

A Hunter, a Skier, and an Off-roader Walk into a Bar…

Featuring MeatEater’s Randall Williams, SkullBound TV’s Jana Waller, Tread Lightly!’s Matt Caldwell, Public Land Stewards of Bend’s Jeremy Evans, and Professional Skier Griffin Post. 

Tune in to a hearty discussion about the similarities and differences between each of these groups. Core themes will centralize around stewardship, passing it on through mentoring others, and mapping your own stewardship journey. See what happens when these renowned adventurers find themselves on the same side of stewardship. Attendees will have the chance to win a YETI traveling bar set up, so don’t miss out!

June 21, 6:00 PM MT

Shop Our Stewardship Collection

Through June 28th, we’re donating 100% of profits to Tread Lightly!, Leave No Trace, and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Proudly wear the Protect Our Lands tee or introduce a kiddo to stewardship with Stuart the Steward. Support the work of these organizations by shopping today.

Stewardship Starts With One Moment

There’s no better time to start your stewardship journey. Pass on your knowledge to the Little Stuart in your life, or simply take a friend out for their first adventure. Go through the mud—not around it, pick up some litter on your next outing, or find a way to advocate for policy that protects our cherished lands. Wherever you are on your navigating stewardship journey, take one moment today to engage in it.