Report a Land Access Opportunity

You can now report your on-the-ground knowledge about the barriers and opportunities to improve access to public lands and waters through our Waypoint Sharing feature.

This project has been created with the support of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA), Pheasants Forever, and Quail Forever, and we will work to identify the best-fitting of these partners for each project.

So just what sort of information are we looking for?

  • Properties currently for sale that could secure a new public access route to public lands
  • Public land parcels that have no legal access routes
  • Gates or roadblocks restricting travel to public lands
  • Public waters that are difficult or impossible to reach
  • Places where the public is trespassing when trying to reach public land
  • Private landowners can tell us about places that are open to allow the public to cross their land to responsibly reach public land

Here’s how to submit an access report:

  1. Zoom to the location you want to tell us about in your onX Web Map or App.
  2. Tap the “Add Waypoint” tool and drag the Waypoint to the exact location, if necessary.
  3. Name your Waypoint to reflect what you are reporting (e.g., is it a property for sale next to BLM land? A blocked road? A new trail opportunity?)
  4. Attach a photo (optional). If you have a photo of the location, you can upload it in the Photo section of the Waypoint details.
  5. Tell us about the Opportunity (required). In the Notes section of the Waypoint details, describe why this area is a candidate for improving access. What types of recreational activities does it offer? Please be as detailed and specific as possible.
  6. Save your Waypoint.
  7. Share the Waypoint with (Tap on your Waypoint so that the information box pops up, then tap the orange Share button.)

Once a location is submitted, the team at onX will add the location to a database, ensure that the description matches the location and follow up with the submitter if there are any questions. We’ll then send the submissions to the partner that best aligns with each project, research each area more thoroughly and then determine which projects will have the greatest impact.