Access and Stewardship Initiatives

Expanding and protecting open spaces for outdoor adventures.

Expanding and protecting open spaces for outdoor adventures.

We Believe

We believe that everyone should have access to nature, and that when people feel connected to the land, they are more likely to protect it. Publicly accessible land plays a critical role in equalizing everyone’s access to outdoor recreation, and that’s why we’ve made a commitment to help protect public access to the outdoor recreation that exists, and advocate for more access, for everyone. 

We believe that the management of our public lands requires a balanced approach that at times will require compromise between outdoor communities, and we believe a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts is stronger than divided groups. By standing up for everyone’s right to access the outdoors, we’ll protect our own right to adventure.

Our Goal for 2023

By 2023, onX has a goal to help secure or improve public access to 150,000 acres, and to help restore, secure, or build 150 miles of trails. Since 2018, we’ve reached 135,000 acres of improved access and 133.3 miles of new or improved trails.

Completed Access and Stewardship Projects

Browse the projects in the map below to learn about some of the projects we’ve supported.

Interactive MAP

The ultimate, multi-state guide to state trust lands.

You may have public land at your fingertips you didn’t know about. Twenty states have state trust land (a.k.a. school land), and every one of those states has different access and activity rules, so we made it easy to look up which states allow hunting, off-roading, and backcountry activities so you can spend more time outside and less time on the internet.


The onX report on Corner-Crossing is here. 

We wanted to get the hard facts on corner-crossing, so we dove into the data. Read the report to learn how much land is involved, the concerns of affected property owners, and what can be done to address this complicated issue.

Topics on Our Radar

Stories about the people, programs, and partnerships working hard to secure and preserve hunting and outdoor recreation.

Tread Lightly! clean up event in Arizona with a truck helping clean up public lands

Tread Lightly! and onX Clean Up Public Lands in Arizona

onX Offroad helped fund a recent cleanup event in Bullhead City, AZ, that removed 4,220 pounds of trash from our public lands. Read more about how Tread Lightly! mobilized the local community to restore the health of Silver Creek Road.

Kids riding bikes as crew members for the student conservation association

onX and the Student Conservation Association

SCA’s Urban Green program aims to greenify large metropolitan areas, and is an offshoot of their history of working in remote national parks. This fall, onX teamed up with SCA to provide weekend outdoor excursions to crew members in three cities. Learn more about SCA, Urban Green, and the experience of crew members.

History of State Trust Lands

There are over 45 million acres of state trust lands, also commonly known as ‘school lands,’ across 20 states. Access opportunities and regulations on state trust lands vary from state to state. But what are these places and where did they come from?

new easement data unlocks 30k acres

New Data Reveals Access to Public Land

We’ve added new information to the onX Hunt App in the Mountain-West which shows 1,852 public access points to 648 parcels of public land. Discover what these routes are, and how to utilize them.

Restoring Colorado’s Fourteeners One Trail Day at a Time

Across Colorado’s 54 iconic 14,000-ft peaks, an estimated 415,000 people hiked at least one of them in 2020. That landscape is one of the most rugged in the world, but is it resilient to that level of human impact?

onX Offroad Stewardship Tenets

We believe that we each have a personal duty to act responsibly out there. We hope you’ll join us in commitment to preserving future access to the motorized trails we love by following these guidelines.


A Quick Update on Our Initiatives

Learn about a few of the projects we selected for our Access + Stewardship Grant program in 2021, and the acres and trails they will secure for public access. Plus, a round-up of our latest access data, analyses, and stories from the past year.

Easement Data Unlocks Public Land

We’ve added new information to the onX Hunt App in Montana and Idaho which reveals public access routes to 29,600 acres of public land that previously appeared inaccessible. Discover what these routes are, and how to utilize them.

National Public Lands Day

Join hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the country for a day of celebrating public lands through stewardship!

Untapped Recreation Potential

We located hundreds of inaccessible peaks, ridgelines, and water bodies on public land in the West. What does all this landlocked recreation potential mean for outdoor enthusiasts?

Great Outdoors Month

During Great Outdoors Month, we donated 100% of the net proceeds from online purchases of onX Backcountry to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

MAPLand Act

onX has joined with TRCP to inspire and endorse a new bill that would direct money to land-managing agencies for digitizing outdoor recreation-related maps.


A national goal that would be beneficial for the climate and biodiversity can also support access to outdoor recreation and hunting opportunities.

South Carolina Wildlife Partnership

South Carolina Wildlife Partnership works with the Department of Natural Resources to connect landowners and hunters for hunts on private land.

Montana’s Block Management Areas

We found 618,330 acres of landlocked public land that are made accessible by the Block Management program.

Keep Public Lands Public

Since 2018, we’ve worked to keep public lands public by producing reports, meeting with officials, and supporting community projects.

onX Celebrates Public Lands

No matter if you’re just discovering public lands, or have spent your entire life enjoying them, join onX in giving back to our shared ground.

Access and Stewardship Resources

Learn more about the challenges and solutions of securing access and stewarding our public recreation lands.

Research & Reports

We worked with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to quantify the number of acres of public land that are landlocked, and therefore inaccessible to the public, and shared this information with land management agencies and policy makers.

Solutions & Success Stories

Read about private landowner incentive programs, MAPLand Act, 30×30 and other tools that can help improve access to outdoor recreation opportunities.

Apply for Grant Funding

With our Access + Stewardship Grants, we support the efforts of land trusts, conservation nonprofits, agencies, and trail associations as they work to improve public access and steward our public lands.